b"Instructional Affairs: E. Riggins, Chair; and school chairpersons Learning Resources: A. McPhaul, Chair; A. Bruni; S. DeLozier; A. Frazier; P. Johnson; J. Mabry; J. Mattina; T. Sutherlin; A. Tibbs Registration: M. Webb, Chair; C. Bagwell; D. Buckley; B. King; E. Riggins; Administrative Committee members Scholarships: L. Chamberlain, Chair; J. Alston; C. Bagwell; C. Poulos; P. West School Chairpersons Business, Law, Hospitality, and CulinaryDr. Joanna Alston Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, & ITAndrea Clark Human Sciences and EducationMonica Donohue Language ArtsSusan Bosarge Manufacturing, Maritime, and TransportationBrian Donegan Science and KinesiologyDr. Angela Bruni Visual and Performing ArtsDr. Debra Atkinson Teresa Wells Honors College Dr. Pat West Vice President's Committee Sandra PetersonElected2017-20 Matthew SteadmanElected2017-20 Dr. Trevor SmithAppointed2017-20 Taryn FlyntAppointed2017-20 Pam SmithAppointed2017-20 Tonya FarmerAppointed2017-20 Dr. Kelly RouseAppointed2017-20 Roxanne WarfieldAppointed2019-22 Robert WarrenAppointed2019-22 Brian CarriereElected2016-19 Perkinston Campus Committees Academic and Honors Scholarship: B. Ghosal, Chair; K. Jellum; B. Lipscomb; School Chairpersons Administrative Committee: L.Taylor, Chair; S. Campbell; B. Ghosal; V. Richie; J. Beverly; B. Layton; Vacant (GCC) Admissions: J. Beverly, Chair; M. Barger; B. Ghosal; P. Rainey; T. Robertson Awards: J. Beverly, Chair; A. Butler; S. Campbell; H. Dearman; B. Ghosal; Vacant (GCC); R. Lyons; J. Ross; T. Robertson; C. Upton Campus Cleanliness:B. Layton, Chair; J. Rouchon, Alt. Chair; J. Beverly; C. Acker; W. Thigpen; T. Robertson; B. St.Cyr; S. Campbell 405"