b'interpreting data to includeBAD 2723 - Real Estate Lawthree high school science probability distributions,courses (biology or chemistry) sampling, estimation, confidenceCredit(s): 3with no grade lower than a "C", intervals, and hypothesis testing.or c) credit for BIO 1134. Prerequisite: MAT 1313 or MATDesigned to give the student a 1314. (3,3,0)general background in the law ofBIO 1114 - Principles of real property and the law of realBiology I (LEC/LAB) BAD 2413 - Legalestate brokerage. (3,3,0) Environment of BusinessCredit(s): 4 BAD 2733 - Real Estate Credit(s): 3FinanceA combined lecture and laboratory course for non-An introduction toCredit(s): 3science majors that provides an interrelationships of law andintroduction to the basic society, jurisprudence andA study of principles andprinciples of modern biology, business. Topics include anmethods of financing real estate,and their relevance to modern introduction to law, law ofsources of funds, types andlife. Emphasis is placed on the contracts, agency, andcontents of financingnature and history of scientific employment. (3,3,0)instruments, and the role ofthought, basic biological various institutions, both privatechemistry, cell structure and BAD 2513 - Introduction toand governmental. (3,3,0)processes, genetics. Labs Managementassociated with this course contain experiments and BAD 2743 - Real Estateexercises that reinforce the Credit(s): 3Appraisal Iprinciples introduced in lecture classes. (4,3,2) This course is a study of basicCredit(s): 3 management principles asBIO 1124 - Principles of applied to the functions ofAn introductory course. IncludesBiology II (LEC/LAB) planning, organizing, directing,purpose of appraisal, methods, controlling, and coordinating withand techniques to determine the effective communication invalue of the various types ofCredit(s): 4 business enterprise. (3,3,0)property. Emphasis on residential and single unitA combined lecture and BAD 2533 - Computerproperty. Prerequisite: BADlaboratory course for non-Applications in Business and2713 or Real Estate Sales orscience majors that emphasizes the survey of the diversity of life, IndustryBroker License. (3,3,0)ecology, evolution, and an overview of organ systems. Labs Credit(s): 3BAD 2853 - Business Ethicsassociated with this course contain experiments and This course is designed to teachCredit(s): 3exercises that reinforce the computer applications to include:principles introduced in lecture word processing, electronicAn exploration of the ethicalclasses. (4,3,2) spreadsheet, databaseproblems faced in business management, presentationtheory and practice throughBIO 1134 - General Biology I design, and electronicwhich the student will recognize(LEC/LAB) communications. (3,3,0)and analyze ethical dilemmas and implement ethical decisions BAD 2713 - Principles ofwithin the context of today\'sCredit(s): 4 Real Estatebusiness environment. (3,3,0) A combined lecture and laboratory course for science Credit(s): 3Biology (BIO)majors that covers the major themes of biology, the scientific This course is an introduction to*The prerequisites for advancedmethod, chemistry relevant to the nature of the real estatescience courses identified by anbiological systems, cell market, types of ownership of* are the completion of one ofprocesses including property, contracts, and methodsthe following: a) minimum ACTphotosynthesis and cellular of transferal of title. (3,3,0)composite of 21 on the sciencerespiration, cell division, component, b) completion of 312'