b"Students enrolled in 15-21 hours pay tuition of $1,550 each semester except during summer session(s). During the summer semester, students enrolled in 12-15 hours pay tuition of $1,550. *Due to the BOGO Class Deal for Summer 2020, we will not have a Full-Time rate for summer enrolled students in 12-15 hours. All summer 2020 classes will be $155.00 per hour. If a full-time student reduces his or her class-load to less than fifteen (15) hours of classes during the refund period, the student becomes subject to the tuition rate of $155.00 per semester hour. A residence hall student who falls below twelve (12) hours must move out of the residence hall and continue his/her studies as a commuter student unless his/her remaining in the residence hall is approved by the Vice President. Students enrolled in an Excelerated Career Program will pay an hourly charge of $175 per credit hour for all classes taken within that program. This charge covers all costs associated with the program. Student Deferred Fees Payment Schedule A minimum amount of the total tuition and fees as specified by the Business Services office is due at registration. The balance of the fees may be paid during the semester. The payment dates for each fall semester will be as follows (or the last working day prior to these dates): 1st payment: Registration; 2nd payment: September 30; and 3rd payment: October 31. The payment dates for each spring semester will be as follows (or the last working day prior to these dates): 1st payment: Registration; 2nd payment: February 28; and 3rd payment: March 31. Summer tuition and fees may be paid in two installments.1st payment: Registration and 2nd payment: The day before 2nd 5 weeks classes begin. A $40 fee will be assessed to each student's account by the Business Office after the final payment becomes delinquent and the student's account will be placed on HOLD. A student who maintains an account balance with the college will not be allowed to register for any future semester or be eligible for an official transcript until his/her account balance is satisfied. Summary of Expenses of Non-Credit Skill Training Courses All students enrolled in non-credit skill training courses will need to complete the non-credit registration form, submit the required supporting documents, and pay the registration fee which is due at the time of registration. Students will be entitled to a 100% refund, provided written notification is received by the appropriate campus personnel one week prior to the start of the class. The MGCCC Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust any and all fees as necessary. Explanation of Fees Tuitionentitles a student to the following: 1.To attend MGCCC Athletic events without charge. 2.To attend lyceum programs. 3.To receive private music lessons and use instruments and practice facilities required in his/her curriculum. 4.To participate in other student activities supported by these fees.Room and BoardAll residence hall students are required to purchase a meal plan. Students may choose to follow either a 5-day or a 7-day meal plan. 5-Day Meal Plan: Students electing this plan will be served meals from Sunday dinner through Friday lunch. Students on the 5-day meal plan may utilize the cafeteria services on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday but must pay on a per meal basis. 7-Day Meal Plan: Students electing this plan are entitled to meals from Sunday through Saturday. Residence hall fees are non-refundable. Registrationhelps defray costs of increased security personnel and motor vehicle registration permits. All credit students pay a $100 fee to cover cost of processing registration. This fee is non-refundable. Resource FeeStudents will pay a Resource Fee of $15.00 per credit hour, which allows the student to utilize textbooks on book service, as well as certain digital resources. Workbooks and dated material that cannot be reissued must be purchased separately by students. NOTE: Students will be charged the Resource Fee whether or not they choose to use the resources provided by the college. 31"