b'Financial InformationGulf Coast is one of the best values in education anywhere! That\'s because we offer world-class instruction and quality in every aspect of college life, yet we keep tuition affordable. We believe that expenses should not keep you from meeting your educational goals. That is why we offer scholarships and other financial-aid options to make going to Gulf Coast affordable and convenient. Tuition and fees are the same at the three college campuses and the comprehensive centers. At Perkinston (the residence hall campus) residence hall students also pay the costs of room rent and meals. Expenses will vary according to the legal residence of the applying student. For the purpose of determining expenses, students should refer to the section Summary of Expenses listed below. Prospective students should remember that there are a number of nominal miscellaneous fees (listed in the Catalog) that may be charged. The college refund policy is explained following the section titled Miscellaneous Fees.The MGCCC Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust any and all fees as it deems necessary. Summary of Per Semester Expenses BASIC CHARGES Tuition (15-21 credit hours)*$1,550.00 Tuition (1-14 credit hours)$155.00 (per credit hour) Registration Fee$100.00 Resource Fee**$15.00 (per credit hour) Technology Fee$75.00 Online Course Fee$15.00 (per credit hour) Academic Lab Fee***$25.00 - $50.00 Technical Course Fee***$5.00 - $45.00 (per credit hour) Excelerated Career Programs$175.00 (per credit hour)*Note: Students enrolled in more than 21 credit hours in a semester will be charged a per-credit hour fee of $155 per credit hour for all credit hours above the 21 hours. **Note: Some courses require students to purchase their textbooks and/or other instructional materials. Students may contact the campus bookstore prior to registration to determine required purchases. ***Fees for enrollment in Academic, Technical and Career courses will be assessed according to course fee rate. Fees are non-refundable. ROOM & BOARD: Five-Day Meal Plan (Hayden, Andrews, Moran, and Owen Hall)$2,100 Seven-Day Meal Plan (Hayden, Andrews, Moran, and Owen Hall)$2,250 Five-Day Meal Plan (Canizaro, Bryan, and George Hall)$2,200 Seven-Day Meal Plan (Canizaro, Bryan, and George Hall)$2,350Out-of-state residents and international students who are enrolled in 15-21 hours must pay an additional fee of $1,550.00 each semester that is non-refundable. International students will be assessed a one-time application fee of $250.00 and a $100 administrative fee each semester. Out-of-state residents who fall below 15 hours must pay an additional, non-refundable tuition fee of $155.00 per semester hour. International students are not permitted to fall below 12 hours during the fall or spring semesters. Students may refer to "Determining Residency for Tuition Purposes" under the Admissions section of the Catalog. 30'