b'Included are classroom theorygoverned by Mississippiprecautions associated with and lab practice as governed bycosmetology laws, rules, andeach. (2,1,3) Mississippi cosmetology laws,regulations involved in rules, and regulations involved incosmetology practices andCOV 1542 - Nail Care III cosmetology practices andsafety precautions associated safety precautions associatedwith each. (6,2,12) with each. (5,3,6)Credit(s): 2 COV 1443 - Hair Care III COV 1263 - CosmetologyThis course consists of basic nail care services including nail Sciences IIICredit(s): 3structure and growth, manicuring and pedicuring, and advanced Credit(s): 3This course consists of thenail techniques. Included are practical applications of theclassroom theory and lab This course consists of thestudy of properties of the hairpractice as governed by application and demonstration ofand scalp; principles of hairMississippi cosmetology laws, chemistry and electricity.design; shampooing, rinsing,rules, and regulations involved in Included are classroom theoryand conditioning; haircutting;cosmetology practices a safety and lab practice as governed byhairstyling; braiding and braidprecautions associated with Mississippi cosmetology laws,extensions; wigs and haireach. (2,0,6) rules, and regulations involved inenhancements; chemical texture cosmetology practices andservices; and hair coloring.COV 1622 - Skin Care I safety precautions associatedIncluded are classroom theory with each. (3,2,3)and lab practice as governed by Mississippi cosmetology laws,Credit(s): 2 rules, and regulations involved in COV 1426 - Hair Care Icosmetology practices andThis course consists of the safety precautions associatedintroduction to basic skin care Credit(s): 6with each. (3,0,9)services including anatomy of skin, disorders of skin, hair This course consists of the studyCOV 1522 - Nail Care Iremoval, facials, and facial of properties of the hair andmakeup. Included are classroom scalp; principles of hair design;theory and lab practice as shampooing, rinsing, andCredit(s): 2governed by Mississippi conditioning; haircutting;cosmetology laws, rules, and hairstyling; braiding and braidThis course consists of basic nailregulations involved in extensions; wigs and haircare services including nailcosmetology practices and enhancements; chemical texturestructure and growth, manicuringsafety precautions associated services; and hair coloring.and pedicuring, and advancedwith each. (2,1,3) Included are classroom theorynail techniques. Included are and lab practice as governed byclassroom theory and labCOV 1632 - Skin Care II Mississippi cosmetology laws,practice as governed by rules, and regulations involved inMississippi cosmetology laws, cosmetology practices andrules, and regulations involved inCredit(s): 2 safety precautions associatedcosmetology practices a safety with each. (6,2,12)precautions associated withThis course consists of each. (2,1,3)intermediate skin care services including anatomy of skin, COV 1436 - Hair Care IIdisorders of skin, hair removal, COV 1532 - Nail Care IIfacials, and facial makeup. Credit(s): 6Included are classroom theory Credit(s): 2and lab practice as governed by This course consists of theMississippi cosmetology laws, advanced study of properties ofThis course consists of basic nailrules, and regulations involved in the hair and scalp; principles ofcare services including nailcosmetology practices and hair design; shampooing,structure and growth, manicuringsafety precautions associated rinsing, and conditioning;and pedicuring, and advancedwith each. (2,1,3) haircutting; hairstyling; braidingnail techniques. Included are and braid extensions; wigs andclassroom theory and labCOV 1642 - Skin Care III hair enhancements; chemicalpractice as governed by texture services; and hairMississippi cosmetology laws, coloring. Included are classroomrules, and regulations involved inCredit(s): 2 theory and lab practice ascosmetology practices a safety 323'