b"analysis, the serviceTopics include economics of theCredit(s): 6 environment, training andcasino, its interface with the motivation, establishment of ahotel, organizations, andThis course includes orientation total service culture, guest co- terminology. (3,3,0)to program policies, developing production, communications,employability and job-seeking service failure recoveryGMT 1163 - Introduction toskills, applying legal aspects of techniques, delivery systemsSurveillance Operationshealth care, applying safety and measurement of serviceconsiderations, communication results. (3,3,0) and observation skills, medicalCredit(s): 3terminology, and basic health care procedures. (6 sch: 2 hr. GMT 1133 - Casino FinancialThis course will discuss thelecture, 6 hr. lab, 3 hr. clinical) Accountingtypes of surveillance and security that is required inHCA 1124 - Special Care gaming operations. An overviewProcedures Credit(s): 3of crowd control, terrorist threats, and other major incident Foundation course in theresponses will be covered. TheCredit(s): 4 accounting processes applicablecourse will discuss employee to the hotel, resort, or casinosecurity measures. (3,3,0)This course includes specialized environment. Students will beprocedures for admitting, introduced to the generallyGraphics and Drawingtransferring, and discharging accepted accounting principlesclients; assisting with diagnostic and legal requirements of(GRA)procedures; assisting with financial reporting in thetreatments; assisting with hospitality and casino industries.GRA 1112 - Engineeringelimination needs of clients; (3,3,0)Drawingassisting in meeting hydration and nutritional needs of the GMT 1143 - Casino & Resortclient; basic emergency MarketingCredit(s): 2procedures to include CPR/first aid; and basic knowledge and The use of instruments,skills required to care for the Credit(s): 3geometric construction,long-term-care resident. Safety orthographic projection,is emphasized throughout each An in-depth overview of thesectional views, and lettering.procedure. Corequisite: Basic application of marketingIncludes two- dimensionalHealth-Care Assisting (HCA concepts within the casino/resortcomputer assisted drafting1116) (4 sch: 2-hr lecture, 4-hr industry. Focus on marketingstrategies. (2,0,4)lab, 3-hr clinical) issues unique to the gaming industry with special attention toGRA 1143 - GraphicHCA 1132 - Phlebotomy application of marketCommunication I segmentation, product differentiation and positioning,Credit(s): 2 and promotion. Topics includeCredit(s): 3 casino promotions, databaseThis intensive 75-hour course of marketing techniques,Instrumental drawing, geometricstudy is designed to prepare discounting, casino hosting,construction, orthographicstudents for immediate credit procedures, marketingprojection, and descriptiveemployment as phlebotomists in policies and procedures,geometry. Includes computerthe hospital or clinical setting. amenities, and the casinoaided design (CAD) inThe phlebotomist's primary marketing plan. (3,3,0)2dimensional and 3dimensionalfunction is to assist the construction. (3,1,4)healthcare team in the accurate, GMT 1153 - Casino & Resortsafe, and reliable collection and ManagementHealth Care Assistanttransportation of specimens for clinical laboratory testing. (HCA)Classes meet on campus (30 Credit(s): 3hours) with variable clinical HCA 1116 - Basic Health- experiences at local hospitals or This course will provide anCare Assistingclinics. Students will complete a overview of the history,minimum 45 hours of clinical development and operations oftraining and orientation in an casinos and casino/resorts.accredited laboratory, and 25 341"