b"drives, modems, printers, safetythe design and manipulation ofoperating system. Emphasis is and environmental issues,relational databases. Emphasisplaced on installation, communication, and professionalis placed on creation,configuration, implementation, behavior. (4,2,4).manipulation, extraction, andand administrative tasks of a display of data from existingfunctional server. (4,2,4). IST 1134 - CCNA 1: Intro todatabases. QBE and SQL are Networksexplored. (3,2,2).IST 1314 - Visual BASIC Programming Credit(s): 4IST 1213 - Client Installation and ConfigurationCredit(s): 4 This course presents basic concepts of Internet protocol (IP)Credit(s): 3This introduction to the Visual telephony, local area networks,BASIC programming language wide area networks, dataThis course is designed to helpfamiliarizes the student with transmission, and topologythe student install, support, andobject-oriented programming methods. (4,2,4)troubleshoot a current clientand a graphical integrated operating system. Emphasis willdevelopment environment. IST 1143 - Principles ofbe placed on common user(4,2,4). Information Securityoperations as well as the network administrator's supportIST 1344 - IoT of the client. (3,2,2).Fundamentals: Connecting Credit(s): 3 Things This course is an introduction toIST 1224 - CCNA 2: Routing the various technical andand Switching EssentialsCredit(s): 3 administrative aspects of information security andCredit(s): 4This course covers the assurance. This course providesdevelopment and creation of the foundation for understandingThis course presents local areadevices for a network. Topics the key issues associated withnetwork and wide area networkinclude designing electronic protecting information assets,connectivity. It focuses oncircuits to writing code, the IoT determining the levels ofarchitectures, topologies,provides the platform for various protection and response toprotocols, and transport methodstypes of professionals to security incidents, and designingof a network. Prerequisites: ISTdevelop, build, and implement a consistent, reasonable1134. (4,2,4)devices to be integrated into a information security system withnetwork. It will explore devices appropriate intrusion detectionIST 1244 - Networkand their connection to the IoT and reporting features. (3,2,2).Administration Using(Internet of Things). (3,2,3) Microsoft Windows Server IST 1154 - Web andIST 1414 - Client-side Programming ConceptsCredit(s): 4ProgrammingCredit(s): 4This course focuses on theCredit(s): 4 management of a computer This course is an introduction tonetwork using MicrosoftThis course offers a Web site development andWindows Server networkcomprehensive understanding of programming logic. Students willoperating system. Emphasis willprogramming using JavaScript. gain hands-on experience in thebe placed on daily administrativePrerequisite: IST 1154 (4,2,4) development of computertasks performed by a network programs. Upon completion ofadministrator. (4,2,4).IST 1424 - Web Design this course, students will be able to create a Web site. (4,2,4)Applications IST 1254 - Network Administration Using LinuxCredit(s): 4 IST 1163 - Database and SQL Concepts Credit(s): 4This course involves the application of various Credit(s): 3This course focuses on theprofessional and personal Web management of a computerdesign techniques. Students will This course is an introduction tonetwork using the Linuxwork with the latest WYSIWYG 353"