b"DET 2513 -to broaden the student's publicPre/corequisites: Admission into Hydraulic/Hydrostats IIknowledge and expand thea PHT/Navigator Concentration. dietary and nutritional principlesPHT courses must be taken in Credit(s): 3and experience necessary tocurriculum display.(3,0,8)apply the theory and contentlearned throughout the This is a course designed tocoursework. It is expected that provide diagnosis and repair ofCommercial Truck hydraulic brake systems,the field experience will afford students the opportunity toDriving (DTV) includes instruction in hydraulicinteract and collaborate with and mechanical systems, powernutritional professionals and assist units, and antilock brakingDTV 1116 - Commercial systems. (3,2,2)organizations with similarTruck Driving I missions. Integral to closing the loop on the learning process is DET 2523 - Heavythe opportunity for students toCredit(s): 6 Equipment Power Trainsreflect on the field experience. Students will collaborate on theFundamental instruction on Credit(s): 3different infrastructures andsafety, rules and regulations, approaches they observed atdriving practices, air brakes, A basic course to provideeach field location. Consent ofhazardous materials, and students with maintenance andthe Dietary/Nutritional Navigatoremergencies. Includes repair of fluid power andprogram director required. Eightinstruction and practice in hydrostat transmissions used onhours clinic per week.performing vehicle inspections, heavy equipment to includePre/corequisites: Admission intocoupling and uncoupling, operation and diagnosis anda PHT/Navigator Concentration.maneuvering, backing, and repair of system components.PHT courses must be taken indriving a tractor-trailer truck (3,1,4)curriculum display.(3,0,8) under varying road and climateconditions. (6,1,10) DET 2623 - Advanced BrakeDNP 2223 -DTV 1126 - Commercial Systems (Air)Dietary/Nutritional PracticumTruck Driving II II Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 6 Credit(s): 3 A basic course to provideContinuation of Commercial students with instruction andThis course is designed forTruck Driving I with additional practice in the maintenance andDietary/Nutritional majors as ainstruction on safety, rules and repair of air brake systemspre-professional field experienceregulations, driving practices, air commonly used onto broaden the student's publicbrakes, hazardous materials, commercialdiesel poweredknowledge and expand theand emergencies. Includes transportation and heavydietary and nutritional principlesinstruction and practice in equipment, includes instructionand experience necessary toperforming vehicle inspections, in maintenance and repair of theapply the theory and contentcoupling and uncoupling, air supply system, mechanicallearned throughout themaneuvering, backing, and system, antilock braking system,coursework. It is expected thatdriving a tractor-trailer truck and traction control system.field experience II will continueunder varying road and climate (3,2,2)to afford students the opportunityconditions. (6,1,10) to interact and collaborate with Dietary Nutritionalnutritional professionals andEconomics (ECO) Practicum (DNP)organizations with similar missions. Integral to closing the loop on the learning process isECO 2113 - Principles of DNP 2113 -the opportunity for students toMacroeconomics Dietary/Nutritional Practicumreflect on the field experience. IStudents will collaborate on theCredit(s): 3 different infrastructures and Credit(s): 3approaches they observed atThe study of a nation's economy each field location. Consent ofto include the following topics: This course is designed forthe Dietary/Nutritional Navigatorsupply and demand, production Dietary/Nutritional majors as aprogram director required. Eightpossibilities, monetary and fiscal pre-professional field experiencehours clinic per week.policies, factors of production, 332"