b"NUR 1118 - Fundamentals ofNUR 1131 - PharmacologyCredit(s): 3 Nursing Practice Credit(s): 1This course provides an Credit(s): 8integrative, family-centered This course provides anapproach to the care of mothers, This course provides anintroduction to the principles ofnewborns, and children. introduction to nursing and rolespharmacology, including:Emphasis is placed on normal of the nurse, as well aspharmacokinetics,and high-risk pregnancies, profession related and clientpharmacodynamics, medicationnormal growth and development, care concepts. Emphasis isinteractions and potentialfamily dynamics, common placed on the knowledge andadverse medication reactions.pediatric disorders and the skills needed to provide safe,Emphasis is placed on drugpromotion of healthy behaviors quality care within the scope ofclassifications and nursing carein clients. Concepts in the practice of the licensed practicerelated to the safe administrationcourse will be emphasized to nurse and the registered nurse.of medication to clients acrossensure role delineation for the The theoretical foundation forthe life span within the scope oflicensed practical nurse as well basic assessment and nursingpractice of the licensed practicalas the registered nurse. Clinical skills is presented, and thenurse and the registered nurse.experiences provide the student student is given an opportunityPrerequisites: Admission Criteriaan opportunity to apply to demonstrate these skills in aand coursework:ENG 1113;theoretical concepts and clinical laboratory setting withPSY 1513; BIO 2514;BIO 2924.implement safe client care to consideration of role delineation(1,1,0)mothers, newborns, and children in selected settings within the for the licensed practical nursescope of practice of the licensed and the registered nurse. AnNUR 1217 - Adult Health Ipractical nurse and the introduction to the nursingregistered nurse. process and Maslow's HierarchyPrerequisites: NUR 1118; NUR of Need provides a decision- Credit(s): 7 making framework to assist1121; NUR 1131. (3,2,3) students in developing effectiveThis course focuses on the care clinical judgment skills withof adult and older adult clientsNUR 2318 - Adult Health II consideration of role delineationwith health alterations that for the licensed practical nurserequire medical and/or surgicalCredit(s): 8 and the registered nurse.intervention. Emphasis is placed Prerequisites: Admission Criteriaon the care of clients withThis course focuses on the care and coursework:ENG 1113;alterations in selected bodyof adult and older adult clients PSY 1513; BIO 2514; BIO 2924.function. Concepts of clientwith complex medical/surgical (8,4,12)centered care, culturalhealth problems. Emphasis is sensitivity; informatics, safeplaced on helping clients and practice, and professionalism NUR 1121 - Dosageare integrated throughout thetheir families cope with Calculationscourse. Concepts in the coursealterations in body functions. will be emphasized to ensureConcepts of pharmacology, role delineation for the licensedhealth promotion and education, Credit(s): 1evidence based practice, and practical nurse as well as theinterdisciplinary collaboration will This course focuses on mathregistered nurse. Clinicalbe integrated throughout the skills needed to computeexperiences provide the studentcourse. Clinical experiences dosages and administeran opportunity to applyprovide the student an medications. The student istheoretical concepts andopportunity to apply theoretical provided with the opportunity toimplement safe client care toconcepts and implement safe develop math skills necessary toadults in a variety of settingscare to clients and selected compute medication dosages.within the scope of practice ofgroups in a variety of settings. Emphasis will be placed onthe licensed practical nurse andPrerequisites: NUR 1118; NUR delineation of skills required forthe registered nurse.1121; NUR 1131; NUR 1217; medication administration as aPrerequisites: NUR 1118; NURNUR 1223; ENG licensed practical nurse as well1121; NUR 1131; BIO 2524.1123 (8,4.4,10.8) as a registered nurse. Role(7,4,9) delineation will be clearly defined to ensure scope of practice forNUR 1223 - Maternal ChildNUR 2322 - nurses. Prerequisites: AdmissionHealthMental/Behavioral Health Criteria and coursework:ENG 1113; PSY 1513; BIO 2514; BIO 2924. (1,1,0) 381"