b"support personnel interactionoverview of mobile computingas printer and network with operating systems andhistory, modern mobile operatingtechnology concerns. related software applications.systems and related software,Prerequisite: CST 2113. (3,2,2) (3,2,2)types of devices and accessories, commonCST 2223 - Networking II CST 1613 - Securitynetworking protocols, standards-Fundamentalsbased wireless networking, cellular technology, and wirelessCredit(s): 3 network planning design Credit(s): 3concepts. (3,2,2)Continuation of Networking I. Topics include further analysis of Fundamentals of IT security.CST 1923 - Mobile DeviceWAN technologies, in-depth Topics include identifying risksTCP/IP terminology, virtual and participating in riskSupport IIprivate and remote access mitigation activities; providingconcepts, overview of network infrastructure, application,Credit(s): 3security, integrity, and operational, and informationmanagement concepts are also security; applying securityContinuation of Mobile Deviceintroduced. Prerequisite: CST controls to maintainSupport I. Topics include mobile1213. (3,2,2) confidentiality, integrity, anddevice management concepts, availability; identifyingapplication deployment, security,CST 2413 - Cloud Computing appropriate technologies anddata protection best practicesI products; troubleshootingand utilizing the troubleshooting security events and incidents;methodology to proper diagnose and operating with anvarious mobile deviceCredit(s): 3 awareness of applicable policies,technology concerns. (3,2,2) laws, and regulations. (3,2,2)Fundamentals of Cloud CST 2113 - IT Servicing Lab Icomputing. Topics include an CST 1713 - Serverunderstanding of terms and characteristics associated with Administration ICredit(s): 3Cloud technologies, an overview of history, virtualization and Credit(s): 3Fundamentals of IT servicing.scalability, and foundational Includes configuration, testknowledge of the Cloud Fundamentals of server support.equipment and software usage,computing industry. (3,2,2) Topics include support of serverbasic disassembly and assembly hardware, installation, andmethods, preliminary tests andCST 2423 - Cloud Computing configuration of server operatingdiagnostics, and schematicII systems, and assetinterpretation. Additional management. (3,2,2)emphasis will be placed on troubleshooting methodologyCredit(s): 3 CST 1813 - Serverimplementation on various hardware and software systems.Continuation of Cloud Administration IIPrerequisites or Corequisites:Computing I. Emphasis is placed CST 1123 CST 1333. (3,2,2)on the installation, configuration, Credit(s): 3and management of Cloud-CST 2123 - IT Servicing Labbased systems. (3,2,2) Fundamentals of server support.II Topics include support of serverCST 2913 - Special Projects hardware, installation and configuration server operatingCredit(s): 3 systems, and assetCredit(s): 3 management. (3,2,2)Continuation of IT Servicing Lab I with an increased emphasis onPractical application of skills and system analysis and diagnosis ofknowledge gained in computer CST 1913 - Mobile DevicePC component and softwareservicing and technical-related Support Ifailures. Additional emphasis willcourses. The instructor works be placed on the diagnosis ofclosely with the student to Credit(s): 3hardware and software issuesensure that the selection of a pertaining to mobile devicesproject will enhance the Fundamentals of mobile devicesuch as smart phones, tablets,student's learning experience. support. Topics include anand portable computers, as wellPrerequisites: Consent of Instructor. (3,0,6) 327"