b'AdmissionsMississippi Gulf Coast Community College ascribes to an "Open Admissions" policy consistent with all appertaining laws. The College embraces the philosophy that students be provided opportunities for learning, e.g. developmental courses, counseling, tutorial assistance, etc., that will help individual students to succeed in achieving their educational goals. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College utilizes relevant diagnostic instruments to determine the strengths and needs of students in order to assist in the selection of the most appropriate program options to help assure student success. Under the "Open Admissions" policy, all applicants who have fulfilled admission requirements will be considered for acceptance by the campus admissions committee. Requirements for admission are not restrictive but vary with the curriculum. Admission to the college does not necessarily imply immediate admission to a particular program of study. Students should review the particular pages of the Catalog, which describe the program of their choice to determine whether they must meet additional requirements. Residency for the purposes of calculating tuition and fees is not necessarily determined by the address listed on the student\'s application. Other factors determine if a student is classified as in-state or out-of-state for calculating tuition and fees. Mississippi laws govern residency and fees of students attending or applying for admission to educational institutions. For more information, please see excerpts from the Mississippi statutory law, Mississippi code, Title 37, Chapter 103 outlined in the "Special Admissions" section. The following procedures must be completed before admission to the college is granted. Academic and Technical Programs First-Time College Students 1.Submit the application for admission. 2.Have official transcripts of all high school work or High School Equivalency (HSE) score report mailed to the Director of Admissions. Facsimile (FAX) copies are not acceptable as official copies.a.An applicant must be a high school graduate or the recipient of a HSE credential. b.Applicants who received a Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Completion through a high school Individualized Education Program must earn an HSE to enroll in academic or technical programs. 3.Students entering Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College for the first time are required to participate in an orientation program and provide the Director of Admissions an official copy of their ACT results or take the appropriate portions of the ACCUPLACER. ACCUPLACER retesting policy: When retesting is necessary, it should only occur after two weeks to allow sufficient opportunity for intervening learning/instruction.Note: ACCUPLACER does not have a retest policy, but prefers that the institution set their own retest policy. All students who display an overall weakness in high school grades or low scores on the ACT, ACCUPLACER, or other college-administered placement exams will be required to enroll in developmental courses. 4.Applicants are not officially accepted until all admission requirements are met by providing proper documentation. Documentation must be provided before enrollment or by the Friday of the 4th week of class. Students failing to do so shall be placed on hold and denied continued enrollment. Transfer Students 1.Submit the application for admission. 2.Have an official transcript from each institution attended mailed directly to the Director of Admissions. Student copies and/or facsimile (FAX) copies are not acceptable as official copies. 21'