b'majoring in music. Attendance ateach semester. Open to musictransition and the introduction of a prescribed minimum number ofmajors and non-music majors.nursing practices will be departmentally approved(1,1,0)emphasized along with essential musical performances pernursing core competencies semester also required. MUS 2821 - Music Theatreincluding the knowledge, skills,Workshop IVand abilities to provide safe nursing practice with care, MUS 2214 - Music Theory III,competence, and compassion (5 Lecture/LabCredit(s): 1week summer course). Prerequisites: Admission Criteria The workshop is designed toand coursework: ENG 1113; Credit(s): 4introduce and engage studentsENG 1123; PSY 1513; BIO in all facets of music theatre.2514*; BIO 2524; BIO 2924. Continued study and review ofOne performance will be given(5,3,6) functional harmony througheach semester. Open to music analysis and part-writing. Labmajors and non-music majors.NUR 1116 - Health Care instruction. Development of(1,1,0)Professionals to RN music sight-singing, ear training and dictation skills.Transitional MUS 2910 - Recital Class III Prerequisites: MUS 1224 (4,3,2) Credit(s): 6 MUS 2224 - Music Theory IV,Credit(s): 0Lecture/LabPerformances of solo andThis course is designed to ensemble literature by studentsassist health care Credit(s): 4majoring in music. Attendance at a prescribed minimum number ofprofessionals to transition Continued study and review ofdepartmentally approvedinto the role of the functional harmony throughmusical performances perregistered nurse. The analysis and part-writing.semester also required.Introduction to twentieth century course focuses on nursing techniques. Lab instruction.concepts and evidence Development of music sight- MUS 2920 - Recital Class IVbased clinical decisions as singing, ear training and dictation skills. Prerequisites:the eight program MUS 1224 and MUSCredit(s): 0constructs are introduced, 2214 (4,3,2) Performances of solo andassessed, developed, and ensemble literature by studentsexpanded throughout the MUS 2513 - Music formajoring in music. Attendance atcourse. Upon successful Elementary Teachersa prescribed minimum number of departmentally approvedcompletion, the student Credit(s): 3musical performances perwill matriculate into semester also required. semester three of the Designed for the needs of the ADN Program (5 week elementary education student. Essentials of public schoolAssociate Degreesummer course). music; study of the fundamentalsNursing (NUR)Prerequisites: Admission of music. Reading musicCriteria and notations and terminology. (3,3,0)NUR 1115 - Introduction tocoursework:ENG 1113; RN TransitionalENG 1123; PSY 1513; MUS 2811 - Music TheatreBIO 2514*; BIO 2524; Workshop IIICredit(s): 5BIO 2924; NUR 1115 (NUR 1115 is Credit(s): 1This course is designed to introduce the framework of therequired of EMS- The workshop is designed tonursing process to non-nurseParamedics and introduce and engage studentshealth care providers desiring toRespiratory Therapist-to-in all facets of music theatre.transition into the role of the registered nurse. FundamentalRN students only). (6,4,6) One performance will be given nursing concepts related to role 380'