b"complex medical records andPrerequisites: BOTCredit(s): 3 more difficult physician dictation2643 and BOT 2653. (3,2,2) (foreign accent, dialects). AllThis course develops medical specialties are included.BOT 2673 - Medicalcommunication skills with Prerequisites: BOT 2523 andInsurance Billingemphasis on principles of writing BOT 2533. (3,1,4)business correspondence and reports and preparing BOT 2613 - EntrepreneurialCredit(s): 3presentations. Prerequisite: BOT Problem Solving1713, BOT 1233, or by consent This course is a culmination ofof instructor. (3,3,0) skills and knowledge of Credit(s): 3appropriate procedures forBaking and Pastry generating, processing, and This course is designed tosubmitting health insuranceArts (BPT) develop business students intoclaims to private and entrepreneurs capable ofgovernmental health insuranceBPT 1224 - Cookies, operating their own companiesprograms. Prerequisites: BOTMignardise and Frozen and to reduce the high failure2643 and BOT 2653. (3,2,2) rate of starting, conducting, andDesserts expanding a business. StudentsBOT 2743 - Medical Office will gain experience in problemConceptsCredit(s): 4 solving through visits to businesses, analyses of caseInstruction on how to make a studies, and projects andCredit(s): 3variety of cookies, biscotti's, surveys of current businessminiature desserts, ice creams, practices. (3,3,0)This course will provideanglaise, petit fours and sorbets. coverage and integration ofDifferent methods and BOT 2643 - CPT Codingmedical office skills. Problemtechniques will be covered such solving will be emphasized.as creaming, tempering, Prerequisite:Instructorfoaming, product knowledge, Credit(s): 3Approved. (3,2,2)and terminology. Provide skills in the production of churned and This course is an introduction toBOT 2753 - Medicalfrozen desserts. (4,2,4) the field of outpatient procedural coding and requirements forInformation Management insurance reimbursement.BPT 1234 - Classic Pastry, Prerequisite: BOT 1613, BOTCredit(s): 3Pies and Tarts 1623 or consent of instructor. (3,2,2)This course will continueCredit(s): 4 coverage of medical office BOT 2653 - ICD Codingpractices using softwareThis course is designed to simulation.Prerequisite: BOTprovide students with the 2743. (3,2,2)fundamental knowledge of Credit(s): 3producing various pies, puffBOT 2763 - Electronic Healthpastry, pate a choux, custards, This course is an introduction tocreams and tarts utilizing the field of diagnostic andRecords traditional methods. This course inpatient procedural coding.will also include platter and plate Prerequisite: BOT 1613, BOTCredit(s): 3design arrangements for 1623. (3,2,2)different menu styles. (4,2,4) This course covers electronic BOT 2663 - Advancedhealth records (EHR) in the healthcare environment as theyBPT 1314 - Codingpertain to various healthcareRestaurant/Catering settings. Prerequisite: InstructorOperations Credit(s): 3Approved (3,3,0) Credit(s): 4 This course provides an in-depthBOT 2813 - Business study of coding competencies in inpatient and outpatient settings.CommunicationPrinciples of organizing and This course also incorporatesmanaging a food and beverage standards for nationaloperation. This course includes certification exams.instruction on how to operate a 317"