b"MEC 1123 - MechanicalMET 1214 - Medicaladministering medications as Maintenance IIIBusiness Practicesdirected by the physician, and providing mobility assistance. Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 4(3,2,2)This course provides instructionThis course presents theMET 1413 - Medical Law and on Advanced Trade Math,administrative medical assistantEthics Precision measuring tools andprocedures with office Installing pack, seals andmanagement written and oralCredit(s): 3 mechanical seals. Prerequisite:communications. Emphasis is MEC 1116 (3,1,4)placed on clerical functions,This course covers medical law, billing, collecting, bookkeeping,ethics, and bioethics; the legal MEC 1133 - Mechanicaland creating and maintainingrelationship of the physician and Maintenance IVmedical records. The goal is topatient; the legal responsibilities provide the student with practiceof the healthcare team including situations through demonstrationthe patient; and the importance Credit(s): 3and simulated office settingsof professional liability. (3,3,0) utilizing electronic health-care This course provides instructionrecord software. (4,3,2) on bearing, couplings, shims,MET 1513 - Pharmacology jigs, equipment alignment, beltMET 1313 - Clinicalfor Medical Asst. drives, chain drives, fans andProcedures I blowers. Prerequisite: MECCredit(s): 3 1123 (3,1,4). Credit(s): 3This course reflects basic theory MEC 1227 - Mechanicaland clinical information related to Maintenance VIThe purpose of this course is todrugs including classifications, introduce the student to basicsource, dosages and clinical skills, Occupationalmeasurements, regulatory Credit(s): 7Safety and Health Administrationrequirements, and basic (OSHA) standards, infectionprinciples of drug administration. This course provides instructioncontrol, vital signs, patientAt all times, safety is on maintaining, repairingpreparation, and assisting withemphasized for the health application of reverse alignment,examinations, emphasizing theprofessional administering the laser alignment, advancedimportance of being proficient inmedication and the patients blueprint reading, opticalall these areas. This course alsoreceiving the medication. alignment, turbines, electricprovides students withAccuracy is stressed. (3,3,0) motors, vibration analysis.opportunities to practice and Prerequisite: MEC 1115 (7,2,10)demonstrate proficiency in simulated settings and check- MET 2224 - Computer Medical Terminologyoffs. (3,2,2) Prerequisite: METConcepts for Medical 1113, MET 1513, and CPR- Assistants (MET)Health Care Provider certificationCredit(s): 4 MET 1113 - Medical TerminologyMET 1323 - ClinicalThis course will introduce Procedures IIstudents to the capabilities of a Credit(s): 3medical practice management Credit(s): 3software program typical of This course is a study of medicalthose currently used in doctor's language relating to the variousThis course is a continuation ofoffices. After completion of this body systems includingClinical Procedures I and willcourse, students will have diseases, physical conditions,further the student's knowledgeknowledge about working with procedures, clinical specialties,of the more complex activitiespatients accounts, insurance and abbreviations. Emphasis isencountered in the physician'sclaim forms, and handling placed on correct spelling andoffice. The clinical duties includereports dealing with pronunciation, and the use ofmaintaining surgical asepsis,management of the medical computer assisted software.instructing patients inpractice. (4,2,4) (3,2,2)preparation for radiologic and sonographic studies, performingMET 2234 - Medical ECGs, preparing andInsurance 361"