b'principles of learning, personalityThis course includes InstructionCredit(s): 3 and abnormal behavior. (3,3,0)in the use of common process equipment including piping,This course is a study of the PSY 2553 - Psychology ofvalves, rotating equipment suchinstruments and instrument Personal Adjustmentas pumps, compressors, drivers,systems used in chemical and fixed equipment such asprocessing industry including exchangers, tanks, drums, andterminology, primary variables, Credit(s): 3vessels. (4,4,0)symbols, and control loops. ( 3,3,0) A course to aid in developing anPPT 1434 - Process Systems understanding of personalPPT 2113 - Oil and Gas adjustment with emphasisProduction I placed on personal issuesCredit(s): 4 through life, love and relationships, wellness, andThis course involves the study ofCredit(s): 3 career exploration. Prerequisite:the interrelation of process PSY 1513. (3,3,0)equipment and process systemsThis course includes an including related scientificoverview of the petroleum Process Operationsprinciples. Prerequisite: PPTindustry including exploration 1424. (4,4,0)and geology, well drilling, Technology (PPT)wellhead operations, and PPT 1513 - Safety Healthproduct distribution. Emphasis is PPT 1133 - Intro to Processand Environmentplaced on oil and gas Technologyproduction. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3PPT 2123 - Oil and Gas Credit(s): 3 This course is designed toProduction II This course is an introduction toprovide a development of the types of process operationsknowledge and skills to reinforceCredit(s): 3 within the process industry.attitudes and behaviors required Topics include technician duties,for safe and environmentallyThis course includes a responsibilities, andsound work habits. Emphasis iscontinuation of Oil and Gas expectations; plantplaced on safety, health, andProduction I with emphasis on oil organizations; the plantenvironmental issues in theand natural gas production and processes and utility systems;performance of all job tasks andprocessing. (3,3,0) and the physical and mentalregulatory compliance issues. requirements of the process(3,3,0)PPT 2323 - Process technician. (3,3,0)Troubleshooting PPT 1613 - Technical PPT 1413 - Quality ConceptsCommunicationCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3A course to apply knowledge of process variables, indicators and A course to provide anThis course includes ancontrollers, troubleshooting introduction to the field of qualityapplication of written, oral, andtools, and troubleshooting steps in the process industry. Studentsother forms of communication toto solve problems in a simple are introduced to industry- the process technology industry.process system. Prerequisite or related process conceptsIt includes instruction andCorequisite: PPT 2443 PPT including operating consistency,practice in written1713 (3,3,0) continuous improvement, plantcommunications (reports and economics, team skills, andpresentations, procedures,PPT 2443 - Process statistical process control (SPS).resumes, documentation, (3,3,0)training materials, etc.) and oralOperations communications (presentations, PPT 1424 - Processdirections/instructions, feedback,Credit(s): 3 Equipmentetc.). (3,3,0) This course is a course that PPT 1713 - Processcombines equipment systems Credit(s): 4Instrumentation Iinto operational units with an emphasis on instruction for start-388'