b'The student will be counseled as to the conditions outlined in this statement and on the Petition. The student should be advised that all college credits earned previous to a semester designated by the student will be eliminated from the computation of the student\'s grade point average and eliminated from all academic regulations such as probation, suspension, and honors. These eliminated credits may never be used toward graduation at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. 1.The student\'s transcript will reflect the complete scholastic record but will contain the notation at the appropriate point that all previous grades have been forgiven. 2.Scholastic forgiveness of grades can be declared only once and cannot be revoked once granted. 3.The procedure for scholastic forgiveness only allows for MGCCC coursework to be forgiven. 4.The completed Petition for Scholastic Forgiveness of Grades with appropriate signatures must be submitted to the Director of Admissions and filed in the student\'s permanent record.MGCCC does not recognize scholastic forgiveness from other institutions. Grades on courses provided on your transcripts will be articulated and included in your cumulative GPA. Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress differs from the Scholastic Standards of Progress. Students must meet the minimum financial aid satisfactory academic progress to receive financial aid. For example, the grade of "W" will count in hours attempted for financial aid purposes, but not in the cumulative grade point average. Students receiving financial aid should review "Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress" in the "Financial Information" section of this publication. Attendance Policy Students are allowed one hour of absence per semester hour for lecture courses. Two hours of absences are allowed per semester hour for laboratory courses. Three hours of absences are allowed per semester hour for clinical/internship courses. If course objectives require a combination of lecture, lab or clinical/internship time, then the absences will be apportioned according to the limitations stated. Excessive tardies will not be tolerated and will count as absences. An instructor may drop a student after the student misses more than the number of absences per semester hour that the course allows. Excused absences are permitted at the discretion of the instructor and are not counted as absences. Official absences are excused and are not counted as absences. Instructors will be notified of such official absences by the college. In extenuating circumstances, students who are dropped after exceeding allowable absences may petition for reinstatement to the Dean of Teaching & Learning who advises the student of the proper procedure. For attendance policies pertaining to the Cosmetology, Career and Technical Education and School of Nursing and Health Professions programs, see the respective program handbook. Withdrawal Procedures The withdrawal period for full-term classes concludes at the end of the 10th week of the semester. For specific withdrawal dates and refunding periods for all classes, please refer to the Academic Calendar. Additional information on the withdrawal process is also described in the Student Handbook.Credit by Non-Traditional Means The total of credit by non-traditional means may not exceed 38 semester hours. MGCCC will award no credit by non-traditional means for courses or programs not offered within the current curriculum of the college. I. Credit for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) 55'