b"appropriate to promote anCHE 1224 - GeneralCredit(s): 5 optimum learning environmentChemistry II, Lecture and for young children. (3,0,0)LaboratoryA combined lecture and laboratory course that covers CDT 2943 - Advancedcarbon chemistry, bonding Credit(s): 4structure and behavior, aliphatic Practicumcompounds, stereochemistry, A combined lecture andreaction mechanisms and Credit(s): 3laboratory course that coversspectroscopy. Labs associated solutions, kinetics, equilibria,with this course acquaint This course is a supervisedthermodynamics, acid-basestudents with important practicum which includes achemistry, and electrochemistry.manipulations and procedures, minimum of 120 clock hours ofLabs associated with this courseand the preparation and study of supervised teaching in ancontain experiments andorganic approved early childhoodexercises that reinforce thecompounds. Prerequisite: CHE setting. The course is aprinciples introduced in lecture1214 and CHE 1224. (5,3,4) capstone course which focusesclass. Prerequisite: CHE 1214. on the student's demonstration(4,3,2) of competencies throughout theCHE 2435 - Organic daily routine using a unit of studyCHE 1314 - Principles ofChemistry II, Lecture and for young children. It is usuallyChemistry I, Lecture andLaboratory the last course taken beforeLaboratory completion of the program.Credit(s): 5 (3,0,8) Credit(s): 4A combined lecture and laboratory course that covers Chemistry (CHE)A combined lecture and spectroscopy, aromatic laboratory course thatcompounds, carbonyl CHE 1214 - Generalemphasizes basic terminology,compounds, and other complex Chemistry I, Lecture andmeasurement, atomic structure,compounds with emphasis on Laboratoryperiodic table, chemical bonding,reactions and their mechanisms. stoichiometry, energy and statesLabs associated with this course of matter. Labs associated withacquaint students with important Credit(s): 4this course contain experimentsmanipulations and procedures, and exercises that reinforce theas well as the preparation and A combined lecture andprinciples introduced in lecturestudy of aromatic and complex laboratory course that covers theclasses. (4,3,2)organic compounds. fundamental principles ofPrerequisite: CHE 2425 (5,3,4) chemistry and their application.CHE 1324 - Principles of Chemical nomenclature,Chemistry II, Lecture and chemical reactions,Construction stoichiometry, atomic structure,LaboratoryEngineering bonding theories, energy,Technology (CON) periodic properties, and gas lawsCredit(s): 4 are among the topics discussed in depth. Labs associated withA combined lecture andCON 1113 - Survey of this course contain experimentslaboratory course thatModern Construction and exercises that reinforce theemphasizes chemical principles introduced in lecturestoichiometry, gases, solutions, classes. Prerequisites: Theacids/bases, and an introductionCredit(s): 3 student must meet one or moreto organic chemistry. Labs of the following requirements: (1)associated with this courseFundamentals of the completed CHE 1314, (2)contain experiments andconstruction environment, completed one year of highexercises that reinforce themethods, materials, processes school chemistry and one yearprinciples introduced in lecturefrom a historical perspective, of algebra, (3) ACT math scoreclasses. Prerequisite: CHE 1314and the impact on the of 19 or higher, (4) satisfactoryor CHE 1214. (4,3,2)construction industry. (3,2,2) score on challenge exam, (5) Corequisite:MAT 1313 orCHE 2425 - OrganicCON 1213 - Construction higher(4,3,2)Chemistry I, Lecture andMaterials Laboratory 321"