b"Credit(s): 3and service entrances in allcircuits, electrical interfacing electrical installation. Proper usetechniques and troubleshooting. Fundamental skills associatedof the National Electrical Code (3,2,2) with all electrical courses.will be required. Prerequsite: Safety, basic tools, special tools,ELT 1213. (3,2,2)ELT 1373 - Industrial equipment, and an introductionPneumatics for Electrical to simple AC and DC circuits willELT 1263 - ElectricalTechnology be included. (3,2,2)Drawings and Schematics ELT 1213 - Electrical PowerCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 This course introduces the Credit(s): 3This course introducesstudents to basic pneumatic architectural, industrial,principles, compression of air, Electrical motors and theirmechanical, and electricalwork devices, control devices, installation. Instruction andsymbols needed to readand circuit diagrams.Emphasis practice in using the differentblueprints, schematic diagrams.is placed on development of types of electrical motors,Prints and drawings associatedpneumatic control circuits, transformers, and alternators.with electrical wiring will beelectromechanical control of fluid Prerequisite: ELT 1143. (3,2,2)studied. Prerequisite: ELT 1253.power, and troubleshooting (3,2,2)techniques. (3,2,2) ELT 1223 - Motor Maintenance andELT 1273 - Switching CircuitsELT 1413 - Motor Control Troubleshootingfor Residential, Commercial,Systems and Industrial Applications Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Principles and practice ofThis course includes the electrical motor repair includesIntroduction to various methodsinstallation of different motor topics on theby which switches and controlcontrol circuits and devices. disassembly/assembly anddevices are installed. It includesEmphasis is placed on preventive maintenance ofinstallation and operation ofdeveloping the student's ability common electrical motors areresidential/commercialto diagram, wire, and discussed. (3,2,2)automation systems. (3,2,2)troubleshoot the different circuits and mechanical control devices. ELT 1233 - Fundamentals ofELT 1283 - Cost EstimationPrerequisite:ELT 1263. (3,2,2) Electricity, Construction, andfor Electrical Installation ManufacturingELT 1563 - Low Voltage and Credit(s): 3Special Systems for Electrical Credit(s): 3Technology This course gives students the This course is designed toknowledge and ability toCredit(s): 3 introduce students to theestimate the cost of an electrical fundamental skills associatedinstallation using specificationsThis course provides information with all electrical courses.for various structures. (3,2,2)and hands-on experience in Safety, basic tools, special tools,installation, operation, equipment, and an introductionELT 1363 - Industrialtroubleshooting, and repair of to simple AC and DC circuits willHydraulics for Electricalresidential- and commercial-use be included. (3,2,2)Technologylow voltage and communication systems, including analog and ELT 1253 - Branch Circuitdigital key systems. (3,2,2) and Service EntranceCredit(s): 3 CalculationsELT 2113 - Equipment This course introduces theMaintenance, students to basic hydraulics, Credit(s): 3hydraulic actuators,Troubleshooting, and Repair accumulators valves, pumps, The course is designed to teachmotors, fluids, coolers, andCredit(s): 3 students the calculations offilters.Emphasis is placed on circuit sizes for all branch circuitsdevelopment of hydraulic controlMaintenance and 335"