b'Apprentices with classroom andfor machiningindustry.The students will workshop training for behaviorsoperations.Includes instructiondevelop an understanding of the and methods to enhance theirand practice in the use of layoutdifferent types, sizes, and parts capabilities to become first classinstruments.(3,2,2)of various drawings. Piping, welders.(3,2,2)HVAC, Hull Insulation and MTA 1333 - Safety forsymbols will be presented. This MTA 1272 - MarineWelderscourse will provide Insulation Pipefitting Elective IApprentices with basic information needed to install Credit(s): 3marine insulation on naval Credit(s): 2contracts and introduce This course is designed tocomputer and blueprint This course provides the traineeprovide a development ofnavigation using marine with an overview of pipefitting,knowledge and skills to reinforceinsulation blueprint. (3,2,2) pipefitter responsibilities, andattitudes and behaviors required career opportunities. The coursefor safe and environmentallyMTA 1384 - Blueprint also covers basic principles ofsound work habits.Emphasis isReading for Joiner safety, pipefitting layout andplaced on Safety Health and pipefitting installation. (2,1,2)Environmental issues in the performance of all job tasks andCredit(s): 4 MTA 1283 - Layout IIregulatory compliance issues.(3,2,2)This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of blueprints, Credit(s): 3MTA 1344 - Shielded Metalreading, interpreting, and understanding blueprints.The An intermediate class for theArc Welding (SMAW)students will develop an hands-on fundamentals ofunderstanding of the different layout, cutting, forming, andCredit(s): 4types, sizes, and parts of various fabrication of sheetdrawings as they relate to the metal.(3,2,2)This course is designed to teachjoiner craft.(4,3,2) students introductory welding MTA 1293 - Layout IIItechniques using the SMAWMTA 1393 - Blueprint process.(4,3,2)Reading for Machinist Credit(s): 3 MTA 1354 - Weld Theory and This course is designed as anTechniquesCredit(s): 3advanced class for the hands-onThis course is a comprehensive application of layout, cutting,Credit(s): 4guide to interpreting drawings forming and fabrication of sheetcommonly found in the metal.(3,2,2)This course provides anshipbuilding industry. The introduction to welding andstudents will develop an MTA 1314 - Powerwelding techniques. Topicsunderstanding of the different Machineryinclude safety, welding andtypes, sizes, and parts of various cutting processes, shop math,drawings related to their trade. welding metallurgy, andAbbreviations and symbols Credit(s): 4weldability of metals, readingrelated to the shipbuilding technical drawings, fabrication,industry along with a brief This course provides instructioncertification, testing andintroduction of Geometric in general machine shopinspection of welds, welding jointDimensioning and Tolerance procedures and shop safety.design, costs, and welding(GD&T) and its proper Students are introduced tosymbols. (4,3,2)application in a drawing will be turning, milling, and drillingprovided. General shipbuilding operations, as well as jobterminology, orientation, deck planning. (4,2,4)MTA 1373 - Blueprint Reading for Insulationlevels, compartments, and shipboard equipment will be MTA 1323 - Precision Layoutintroduced. Successful Credit(s): 3completion of this course will give the student a general Credit(s): 3This course is a comprehensiveknowledge of the drawings used guide to interpreting drawingsin the shipbuilding industry and An introduction to the conceptscommonIy found in the defense and practice of precision layout 371'