b'ENG 2223 - AmericanENG 2423 - World LiteratureFilm as Literature. A study of Literature IIcurrent and classic motion pictures as a form of literary, Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3historic, and cinematic expression with an emphasis on American culture. Prerequisite: Surveys representative proseThis course surveys textsENG 1113 or ENG 1114. (3,3,0) and poetry of the United Statesrepresentative of global, from its beginnings to the Civilhistorical, and cultural diversity War. Prerequisite:ENG 1123.from the ancient world throughEducational (3,3,0)the early modern world.Psychology (EPY) Prerequisite: ENG 1123H or ENG 2233 - AmericanENG 1123. (3,3,0) EPY 2513 - Child Psychology Literature II ENG 2423H - Honors World Literature ICredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 A study of various aspects of ENG 2233 surveysCredit(s): 3human growth and development representative prose and poetryduring childhood and emerging of the United States from theDesigned for students who haveadolescence. Topics include Civil War to the present.a special interest in Worldbiological, psychosocial and Prerequisite: ENG 1123H orLiterature and who have at leastcognitive development. ENG 1123. (3,3,0)a "B" average in FreshmanPrerequisite: PSY 1513. (3,3,0) Composition. A survey of ENG 2323 - British Literatureselected writing of the Ancient World period, Middle ages, andEPY 2533 - Human Growth Ithe Renaissance. (Enrollmentand Development through invitation.) Prerequisite: Credit(s): 3ENG 1123 or ENG 1123H.Credit(s): 3 (3,3,0) This course surveys BritishA study of various aspects of literature from the Anglo-SaxonENG 2433 - World Literaturehuman growth and development Period through the RestorationIIfrom conception through death. and Eighteenth Century.Topics include biological, Prerequisite:ENG 1123 or ENGpsychosocial and cognitive 1123H. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3development. Prerequisites: PSY 1513. (3,3,0) ENG 2333 - British LiteratureThis course surveys texts IIrepresentative of global, historical, and cultural diversityFamily and Consumer from the Enlightenment Period toStudies (FCS) Credit(s): 3the present. Prerequisite: ENG 1123H or ENG 1123. (3,3,0) This course surveys BritishFCS 1253 - Nutrition literature from the RomanticENG 2513 - African-Period to present.American LiteratureCredit(s): 3 Prerequisite: ENG 1123H or ENG 1123. (3,3,0)A lecture course covering the Credit(s): 3nutrients for normal growth and ENG 2333H - Honors Britishprevention of major chronic Literature IIENG 2513 surveys literature ofdiseases, and applied to the major African American writersselection of food for ingestion, from its beginnings to thethe metabolic process of Credit(s): 3present. Prerequisite: ENGdigestion, assimilation and 1113 and ENG 1123. (3,3,0)absorption, and the applications ENG 2333 surveys Britishfor healthcare providers. Literature from the RomanticENG 2613 - Film asPrerequisite: BIO 1134, BIO Period through the TwentiethLiterature2514, and BIO Century. Prerequisite: ENG2524 recommended. (3,3,0) 1123H. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3339'