b"ACT 2424 - Heating,Credit(s): 3records, finance, taxation and Ventilation, & Airbudgeting.(3,3,0) Conditioning IIA course designed to provide the student with practical applicationAGR 2713 - Principles of Credit(s): 4of skills and knowledge gained inAgricultural Economics technical courses.The instructor works closely with the A continuation of Heating,students to ensure that theCredit(s): 3 Ventilation, and Air Conditioningselection of a project will I with modules related toenhance the student's learningEconomic principles applied to introduction to hydronic systems,experience. (3,2,2)production, value, prices, credit, troubleshooting heat pumps, andtaxation, land tenure, marketing, troubleshooting accessories.international trade, and related (4,2,4)Agriculture (AGR)problems affecting agriculture.(3,3,0) ACT 2433 - Refrigerant,AGR 1112 - Survey of Retrofit, and RegulationsAgricultureAnthropology (ANR) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 2ANR 2213 - Introduction to Anthropology This course includes regulationsAn introductory course covering and standards for new retrofitthe general functions, and governmentorganization, and operation ofCredit(s): 3 regulations.This coursethe agricultural industry in both includes EPA regulations, local,national and internationalA survey of the four fields and and state codes. (3,2,2)settings.(2,2,0)applied anthropology in the comparative study of ACT 2513 - Heating SystemsAGR 1214 - Animal Sciencehumanity.(3,3,0) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 4ANR 2243 - Cultural Anthropology Various types of residential andFundamental principles and commercial heatingpractical application of livestock,Credit(s): 3 systems.This course includesdairy, and poultry gas, oil, electric, compression,science.Origin, history,This course examines human and hydronic heating systems.characteristics, market classes,culture and culturaldiversity. The (3,2,2)and grades of the major breedsstudent will explore techniques of livestock and poultry.(4,3,2)employed by the anthropologist. ACT 2624 - Heat Load and(3,3,0) Air PropertiesAGR 1313 - Plant Science Art (ART) Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3 NOTE: The department reserves Introduction to heat loadScientific principles as the basisthe privilege to retain student calculations for residential andfor practice in producing,work for exhibition purposes. light commercial heating,handling, processing, marketing, ventilation, air conditioning, andand utilizing agronomic and refrigeration systems.Includeshorticultural crops.(3,3,1)ART 1113 - Art Appreciation air distribution, duct sizing, selection of grills and registers,AGR 2413 - FarmCredit(s): 3 types of fans, air velocity, andManagement fan performance.Introduces airA course designed to provide an testing instruments andunderstanding and appreciation computer usage. (4,2,4)Credit(s): 3of the visual arts. (3,3,0)ACT 2913 - Special Project inDecision making in theART 1113H - Honors Art organization and operation of the Heating, Ventilation, Airfarm business. Basic principlesAppreciation Conditioning, & Refrigerationof farm management, including Technology 308"