b'dependent on discipline. Canknowledge related to theATT 2112 - Introduction to only take twice.Prerequisite:maintenance and repair ofLight Duty Diesel Six semester hours of work inmanual transmissions,Technology, Tools, and related studio. (3,3,0)transaxles, and drive trainSafety components.It includes Automotiveinstruction in the diagnosis ofCredit(s): 2 drive train problems, and the Technology (ATT)repair and maintenance of transmissions, transaxles,This course introduces basic ATT 1123 - Basicclutches, CV joints, differentials,knowledge and skills the student and other components. (3,1,4)must have to succeed in the Electrical/ElectronicDiesel Equipment Technology field.Topics include an Credit(s): 3ATT 1424 - Engineoverview of diesel powered Performance Ivehicles, diesel technology This course is designed tosafety skills, basic tools and provide advanced skills andCredit(s): 4equipment, reference materials, knowledge related to allmeasuring instruments, shop components of the vehicleThis is a course designed tooperation, mechanical fasteners, electrical system, includingprovide basic skills andwelding safety, and basic lights, battery, and chargingknowledge related to the enginewelding skills.Classroom and components. (3,1,4)mechanicals, ignition system,lab experiences on safety, fuel, air induction, exhaustprecision measuring, and basic ATT 1134 - Advancedsystems, and emissionshop practices are highly systems.It includes instruction,emphasized. (2,1,2) Prerequisite Electrical/Electronicdiagnosis, and correction ofCourses: ATT 1811problems associated within Credit(s): 4these areas. (4,2,4)ATT 2125 - Light Duty Diesel Engine Repair This is a course designed toATT 1714 - Engine Repair provide advanced skills and knowledge related to theCredit(s): 5 components of the vehicleCredit(s): 4 electrical system includingThis course covers the theory, gauges, driver informationThis is a course designed toconstruction, inspection, systems, horn, wiper/washerprovide advanced skills anddiagnosis, and repair of internal systems, and accessories.knowledge related to the repaircombustion engines and related (4,2,4)and rebuilding of automotivesystems to light duty diesel. engines. It includes instructionTopics include fundamental ATT 1213 - Brakesand practice in the diagnosis andoperating principles of engines repair of engine componentsand diagnosis, inspection, including valve trains, blocks,adjustment, and repair of Credit(s): 3pistons and connecting rods,automotive engines using crankshafts, and oil pumps.appropriate service information. This is a course designed to(4,2,4)Upon completion, students provide advanced skills andshould be able to perform basic knowledge related to the repairATT 1811 - Introduction,diagnosis, measurement and and maintenance of brakeSafety, and Employabilityrepair of light duty diesel engines systems on automobiles.Itusing appropriate tools, includes instruction and practiceSkillsequipment, procedures, and in diagnosis of braking systemsservice problems and the repair of brakeCredit(s): 1information.Prerequisites: ATT systems. (3,1,4)1714, ATT 1811(5,2,6) This is a course designed to ATT 1313 - Manual Driveprovide knowledge of classroomATT 2214 - Light Duty Diesel Trains/Transaxlesand lab policies andEngine Performance procedures.Safety practices and procedures associated with Credit(s): 3the automotive program andCredit(s): 4 automotive industry. (1,1,0) This is a course designed toThis course covers terminology, provide advanced skills andtheory and operation of air 310'