b'Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 4This course is designed to introduce the student to the This course teaches theThis course involves applyingCprogramming language and presentation and application ofnetwork concepts in planningits basic functions.(4,2,4) business functions in Excel.and designing a functioning Emphasis will be placed on datanetwork. Emphasis is placed onIST 2434 - Server-Side analysis. (3,2,2)recognizing the need for aProgramming I network, conducting an analysis, IST 1744 - SASand designing a solution. Programming IPrerequisite: IST 1224 (4,2,4)Credit(s): 4IST 2263 - AdvancedThis course provides the student Credit(s): 4Network Administration Usingwith an introduction to creating dynamic Web applications using This course is the first of a two-Linuxserver-side technologies. (4,2,4) part series designed to give students an introduction toCredit(s): 3IST 2454 - Advanced Mobile programming in SAS. StudentsApplication Development will learn to navigate the SASThis course is a continuation of programming and windowsNetwork Administration Using environments, read variousLinux. This is an advancedCredit(s): 4 types of data into SAS data sets,administration course in network and create SAS variables andservices for Linux users whoThe emergence of a new subset data. Students will gainwish to increase their skills.generation of highly-capable an understanding of how toStudents will learn how to applydevices and platforms has create SAS variables and subsetsecurity to network users andopened up opportunities for data, as well as combine SASresources, manage and compileapplication developers. Mobile data. Students will also learnthe Linux kernel, managedevelopment differs from how to create and enhancenetwork clients, and troubleshootconventional desktop listing and summary reports.network processes and services.development in that mobile (4,3,2)Prerequisites: IST 1253(3,1,4)devices operate in a constrained world with smaller screens and IST 1754 - R ProgrammingIST 2324 - Scriptslower network connections, as LanguageProgrammingwell as limited memory and processing power. Prerequisite: IST 1453 (4,2,4) Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 4 IST 2464 - PowerShell In this course, students will learnThis course is an introduction toProgramming how to program in R and how tothe use of integrating scripts to use R for effective data analysis,add functionality to Web pages. graphics representation, andPrerequisite:IST 1433 orCredit(s): 4 reporting. (4,2,4)instructor permission. (4,2,4) This course is designed to IST 1763 - Programming inIST 2334 - Advanced Visualintroduce the student to the Python IIBASIC ProgrammingPowerShell command line language and its use in Languagemonitoring and maintaining a Credit(s): 3Microsoft network. The student Credit(s): 4will become familiar with the This course is designed tosyntax of the commands. (4,3,2) provide advanced information toThis course is a continuation of programming concepts and datathe Visual BASIC ProgrammingIST 2584 - C# Programming informatics using Python throughLanguage course. Prerequisites: lecture and a series of practicalIST 1314. (4,2,4) hands-on exercises. (3,2,3)Credit(s): 4IST 2374 - C ProgrammingThis course is designed to IST 2224 - CCNA 3: ScalingLanguageintroduce the student to the C# Networksprogramming language and its Credit(s): 4basic functions. (4,2,4)355'