b"Credit(s): 3CON 2233 - ConstructionThis course introduces tools and Systems IItechniques used in project Study and testing of the variousmanagement. Topics include materials used in theCredit(s): 3defining project scope, construction industry includingidentifying and tracking risks, wood, steel, concrete, and soils.identify professional (3,2,2)Common practices ofdevelopment plan; analyze construction using engineeringprimary project documents techniques to determineincluding planning, estimating, CON 1223 - Plans andrelations between equipment Document Interpretationproduction and design criteria.scheduling, resource control, and quality control; and identify Prerequisite: CON 1233. (3,2,2)the Project Managers' role for Credit(s): 3continuous improvement. (3,2,2) CON 2313 - Construction Graphic techniques used in theLayoutCosmetology (COV) construction industry. This course includes computation ofCredit(s): 3 areas and volumes,COV 1122 - Cosmetology interpretation of constructionOrientation plans and specifications, andPrinciples of site preparation and symbols and terms used in thelayout of structures. Use levels, residential, commercial, andtapes, and surveyingCredit(s): 2 heavy construction industry.instruments. Triangle (3,2,2)calculations, differential leveling,This course will cover the and erection of batter boardshistory, career opportunities, life and markers are included.skills, professional image, CON 1233 - Construction(3,1,4)Mississippi Cosmetology laws; Systems Irules and regulations, and CON 2413 - Constructioncommunicating for success in Credit(s): 3Safety Standardsthe cosmetology industry. Included are classroom theory Common practices ofand lab practice as governed by engineering principles andCredit(s): 3Mississippi cosmetology laws, construction methods. (3,2,2)rules, and regulations involved in Management of safety andcosmetology practices and health in the constructionsafety precautions associated CON 2113 - Constructionenvironment. Basic elements ofwith each. (2,2,0) Jobsite Managementa safety and health program for the construction generalCOV 1245 - Cosmetology Credit(s): 3contractor are examined to include Occupational Safety andSciences IBasic techniques of the modernHealth Administration (OSHA). methods of managing(3,2,2)Credit(s): 5 construction projects including scheduling, resource allocation,CON 2513 - Leadership andThis course consists of the study and funds flow. PracticalOrganizationof bacteriology, sterilization, and applications are made throughsanitation. Included are simulated projects. (3,2,2)classroom theory and lab Credit(s): 3practice as governed by Mississippi cosmetology laws, CON 2123 - ConstructionStudy of the effective leadershiprules, and regulations involved in Cost Estimationand management styles in thecosmetology practices and construction industry. Thissafety precautions associated Credit(s): 3includes organization of thewith each. (5,3,6) construction industry at the local, Estimating, quantity survey, unitstate, and national levels. (3,2,2)COV 1255 - Cosmetology cost synthesis and analysis, bidSciences II organization and planning, andCON 2523 - Project competitive simulations andManagement exercises. Prerequisites: CONCredit(s): 5 1223 and CON 1213. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3This course consists of the study of anatomy and physiology. 322"