b'WLT 1225 - Shielded MetalThis course is designed todelegation and control, and Arc Welding IIprovide students with theinterpersonal conflict resolution. opportunity to utilize skills andIncludes a leadership lab and Credit(s): 5knowledge gained in otherphysical training. (2,2,0) Welding and Cutting Technology courses. The instructor and This course is designed to teachAMR 2122 - Leadership and students advanced weldingstudent work closely together toTeamwork techniques using the SMAWselect a topic and establish criteria for completion of the process. Prerequisite: WLTproject. (5,0,10)Credit(s): 2 1115. (5,1,8) WLT 2913 - Welding CodeAn Application of leadership WLT 1232 - Blueprintskills with an emphasis on: Reading, Welding Symbols,beliefs, values, ethics, and MetallurgyCredit(s): 3counseling techniques, map reading, land navigation, basic This course is designed to givefirst aid, and group interaction. Credit(s): 2the student experience in theIncludes a leadership lab and various welding codes and thephysical training. (2,2,0) This course is designed to giveexperience in interpretation of the student experience inthese codes. (3,3,0) blueprint reading, weldingSSP 1003 - Smart Start symbols and metallurgy. (2,1,2)Pathway 101 Other Courses WLT 1252 - Advanced PipeCredit(s): 3 WeldingAMR 1122 - Basic LeadershipStudents will learn about their interests, talents, and skills in Credit(s): 2how they will determine their Credit(s): 2occupations.They will develop This course is designed to givethe foundational skills needed for the student advanced pipeFundamental leadership andtheir careers, learn and practice welding techniques usingtraining techniques withgood work habits and effective shielded metal arc and gasexposure to setting direction,communication that is necessary tungsten arc welding processes.map reading, problem solving,in successful Prerequisite: WLT 1155. (2,1,2)presenting briefs and usingemployment.Students will effective writing skills. Studentscomplete the WorkKeys which WLT 1313 - Cuttingwill explore dimensions ofallows employers to quantify the leadership attributes and core Processesleader competencies in thefoundational skills needed to perform job tasks successfully context of practical, hands on,and enables workers to Credit(s): 3and interactive exercises.demonstrate they have these Considerable attention is alsoskills.Students will earn a This course is designed to giveplaced on improving physicalNational Career Readiness the student experience in oxyfuelfitness. Includes a leadership labCertificate, a credential issued cutting principles and practices,and physical training. (2,1,2)by ACT that documents work air carbon arc gouging andreadiness.Students will also plasma arc cutting. Prerequisite:AMR 2112 - Individuallearn how to become prepared WLT 1173. (3,1,4)Leadership Studiesto learn new skills for future careers.(3,2,2) WLT 1915 - SpecialCredit(s): 2 Problems in Welding and Cutting TechnologyDevelop effective military leadership skills: problem Credit(s): 5analysis, decision making, planning and organizing, 399'