b'This course consists ofCredit(s): 6introduction to concepts of advanced skin care servicesorganizational behavior. (3,3,0) including anatomy of skin,Instruction will be given in disorders of skin, hair removal,development of instructionalCRJ 1353 - Internship for facials, and facial makeup.methods, development of visualCriminal Justice Included are classroom theoryaids, development of effective and lab practice as governed byevaluation, and practical Mississippi cosmetology laws,application of cosmetologyCredit(s): 3 rules, and regulations involved ininstruction. (6,3,9) cosmetology practices andPracticum in an approved safety precautions associatedCOV 2836 - Cosmetologycriminal justice agency under with each. (2,0,6)Teacher Training IIIsupervision of the agency concerned and college COV 1722 - Salon Business Iinstructor. Written evaluation Credit(s): 6required of agency. Prerequisites for the 3 hour Credit(s): 2Instruction will be given ininternship are: CRJ 1313, CRJ development of appropriate1323. Must be a minimum of 18 This course will cover preparinglesson plans and practicalyears of age. (3,0,9) to operate a successful salon.application of cosmetologyPrerequisites for the 12 hour Included are classroom theoryinstruction. (6,3,9)internship are: Completion of all and lab practice as governed bylecture courses. Must be a Mississippi cosmetology laws,COV 2846 - Cosmetologyminimum of 21 years of age. rules, and regulations involved inTeacher Training IV(12,0,40) cosmetology practices and safety precautions associatedCRJ 1363 - Introduction to with each. (2,1,3)Credit(s): 6 Corrections COV 1732 - Salon BusinessInstruction will be given in IIclassroom managementCredit(s): 3 techniques; cosmetology laws, rules, and regulations; andAn overview of the correctional Credit(s): 2practical application offield; its origins, historical and cosmetology instruction. (6,2,12)philosophical background, This course will cover operatingdevelopment, current status, a successful salon and seekingCriminal Justice (CRJ)relationship with other facets of employment. Included arethe criminal justice system. classroom theory and lab(3,3,0) practice as governed byCRJ 1313 - Introduction to Mississippi cosmetology laws,Criminal JusticeCRJ 1373 - Introduction to rules, and regulations involved in cosmetology practices andHomeland Security safety precautions associatedCredit(s): 3 with each. Prerequisite:COVCredit(s): 3 1722. (2,1,3)History, development, and philosophy of law enforcement inThe issues pertaining to the role a democratic society,and mission of the Department COV 2816 - Cosmetologyintroduction to agencies involved Teacher Training Iin the administration of criminalof Homeland Security and related agencies, both domestic justice; career orientation. (3,3,0)and international. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 6 CRJ 1323 - PoliceCRJ 1383 - Criminology Instruction will be given inAdministration and developing appropriateOrganization communication skills, effectiveCredit(s): 3 use of visual aids, identification of various teaching styles, andCredit(s): 3The study of criminal behavior to practical application ofinclude theories, statistics, and cosmetology instruction. (6,3,9)Principles of organization andtrends of criminal behavior. administration in law(3,3,0) COV 2826 - Cosmetologyenforcement as applied to law Teacher Training IIenforcement agencies;CRJ 2213 - Traffic Law 324'