b"PHT 2133 - Public HealthPHT 2223 - Public HealthPHT 2243 - Public Health Practicum IEducation Communicationand Aging Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3This course is designed forThis course will provide studentsThis course is an overview of the Public Health majors as a pre- with a practical approach tointeractive nature of biological professional field experience tounderstanding and applyingand cognitive processes that broaden the student's public 220principles of health educationoccur in aging. Basic instruction health perspectives and providecommunication to a range ofrelated to public health include experience in applying thepublic health issues and diverseage-related changes 221 in core theory and content learned inpopulations. Students willhuman systems, common their public health coursework. Itemploy these concepts and skillsdisease and the ramification is expected that the fieldfor analyzing and evaluatingrelated to the aging process. experience will afford studentscurrent public health educationPre/corequisites: Admission into the opportunity to interact andcommunication campaigns.one of the PHT/Navigator collaborate with public healthStudents will create a healthConcentrations. PHT courses professionals and participate ineducation communicationmust be taken in curriculum actions that constitute publiccampaign in both written anddisplay.(3,3,0) health. Integral to closing theoral format. Pre/corequisites: loop on the learning process isAdmission into one of thePhysical Science and the opportunity for students toPHT/Navigator Concentrations. reflect on the field experience.PHT courses must be taken inPhysics (PHY) Students will collaborate on thecurriculum display.(3,3,0)different infrastructures and PHY 1114 - Introduction to approaches they observed atAstronomy, Lecture and each field location. Consent ofPHT 2233 - Public HealthLaboratory the Public Health TechnologyPracticum II program director required. Eight hours clinic perCredit(s): 4 week.Pre/corequisites:Credit(s): 3 Admission into one of theA combined lecture and PHT/Navigator Concentrations.This course is designed forlaboratory course that includes PHT courses must be taken inPublic Health majors as a pre- surveys of the solar system, our curriculum display.(3,0,8)professional field experience togalaxy, and the universe. Labs broaden the student's publicassociated with this course PHT 2213 - HealthCarehealth perspectives and providecontain experiments and Advocacyexperience in applying theexercises that reinforce the theory and content learned inprinciples introduced in lecture their public health coursework. Itclasses. (4,3,2) Credit(s): 3is expected that field experience II will continue to afford studentsPHY 2244 - Physical Science This course provides anthe opportunity to interact and overview of the assessment,collaborate with public healthI, Lecture and Laboratory development, implementationprofessionals and participate in and evaluation of public healthactions that constitute publicCredit(s): 4 programming. Students will learnhealth. Integral to closing the and demonstrate skills inloop on the learning process is A combined lecture and community assessment andthe opportunity for students tolaboratory course that includes organization techniquesreflect on the field experience.studies of measurements and including stakeholderStudents will collaborate on theunits, electricity, mechanics, identification, coalition-building,different infrastructures andheat, sound, light, and advocacy and the identificationapproaches they observed atastronomy. Labs associated with of fundingeach field location. Consent ofthis course contain experiments sources. Pre/corequisites:the Public Health Technologyand exercises that reinforce the Admission into one of theprogram director required. Eightprinciples introduced in lecture PHT/Navigator Concentrations.hours clinic per week.classes. (4,3,2) PHT courses must be taken inPre/corequisites: Admission into curriculum display.(3,3,0) one of the PHT/NavigatorPHY 2254 - Physical ScienceConcentrations. PHT coursesSurvey II, Lecture and must be taken in curriculum display.(3,0,8)Laboratory 386"