b"Credit(s): 4provide the student with afunctions. Prerequisite: MFL comprehensive application of1213 or 1 year of previous The purpose of this course is toadministrative and clinical skills.language study. One laboratory acquaint the student withThis course is designed to givehour per week. (3,3,0) different types of insurancethe student an opportunity to plans including commercialdiscuss, evaluate, and shareMFL 1413 - Japanese I plans, government plans,learning experiences and to disability, worker'sstrengthen learning situations compensation, and managedbrought up in the practicumCredit(s): 3 care plans. Practical approach tosetting. (6,1,15) insurance billing, basic medicalEmphasizes conversational and insurance abbreviations,Japanese based on Ramaji text. Modern ForeignIncludes study of basic terminology, and ICD-9CM and CPT coding will be presented.Language (MFL)grammar, hiragana, katakana, (4,3,2)and introduction of basic kanji. (3,3,0) MFL 1113 - French I MET 2334 - Medical Laboratory for MedicalMFL 1423 - Japanese II Credit(s): 3 Assistants An oral-aural approach, stressesCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4conversation, pronunciation, comprehension, reading, writingMFL 1423 continues MFL 1413 This course covers techniques ofand functional grammar, withemphasizing conversational the clinical laboratory includingemphasis on the practicalJapanese based on text in competent use of theaspects of the language. Onehiragana, katakana, and kanji. microscope and understandinglaboratory hour per week. (3,3,0)This course includes study of the theory and knowledge of thecomplex grammar and increased common laboratory testsMFL 1123 - French IInumber of kanji characters. performed in the physician'sPrerequisite:MFL 1413 (3,3,0) office. Students will develop proficiency in laboratory andCredit(s): 3MFL 1713 - Italian I quality assurance procedures including collection, preparationMFL 1123 continues MFL 1113 with wider vocabulary and moreCredit(s): 3 and processing of specimens. urinalysis, hematology, andcomplex structures and functions. Prerequisite: MFLMFL 1713 is an oral-aural accurate reporting of test results.approach to the Italian language (4,3,2)1113 or 1 year of previous language study. One laboratorythat stresses conversation, hour per week. (3,3,0)pronunciation, comprehension, MET 2613 - Clinical Reviewreading, writing, and functional grammar with emphasis on MFL 1213 - Spanish Ipractical aspects and Credit(s): 3 applications of the This summary course isCredit(s): 3language.(3,3,0) designed to review the skills, knowledge, and abilitiesMFL 1213, an oral-auralMFL 1723 - Italian II acquired during the didacticum.approach stresses conversation, This course will serve to assistpronunciation, listening comprehension, reading, writing,Credit(s): 3 the student in preparing for the certification exam, with a reviewand functional grammar with emphasis on communication.MFL 1723 continues MFL 1713 of critical clinical skills andthat incorporates a broader professional developmentOne laboratory hour per week. (3,3,0)vocabulary base and usage of issues. (3,3,0)more complex structures and functions.(3,3,0) MET 2716 - PracticumMFL 1223 - Spanish II MFL 2113 - French III Credit(s): 6Credit(s): 3MFL 1223 continues MFL 1213Credit(s): 3 This course includes supervised experience in medical offices towith wider vocabulary and more complex structures andMFL 2113 continues MFL1123 362"