b"baking and/or pastrypastillage- blown, pulled orCredit(s): 3 operation/department for a retailpoured while in production. market. (4,2,4)Edible centerpiece showcasesA comparison of traditional uses design explored. (4,2,4)of typography with those of a BPT 2214 - Artisan Breadsmore contemporary approach. and ViennoiserieBPT 2913 - Supervised WorkThis is an in-depth exploration of Experience in Baking andtype in relation to meaning and form with a refined application of Credit(s): 4Pastry Artsdrawing skills before final output on computer. (3,2,2) This course is designed toCredit(s): 3 provide students with theCAT 1213 - Fundamentals of knowledge, skills and techniquesThis course is a cooperativeGraphic Computers of artisan breads andprogram between industry and viennoiserie production.education and is designed to Laminated doughs, quickintegrate the student's technicalCredit(s): 3 breads, yeast breads, rolls andstudies with industrial savory quick breads products,experience. Variable credit isAn introduction to graphic techniques and skills areawarded on the basis of oneinterface computers related to applied. The properties ofsemester hour per 45 industrialthe graphic design industry, scaling, mixing, production andcontact hours. (3,0,9)utilizing current software and baker's percentage are studied.related hardware emphasizing Baking methodology,Graphic Designindustry specifications, print fermentation, proper mixing andproduction, and digital image production are emphasized.Technology (CAT)manipulation. (3,1,4) (4,2,4) CAT 1113 - Graphic DesignCAT 1323 - Advertising BPT 2324 - Advanced Cakesand Production IPrinciples for Digital Design and Patisserie Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4 An introduction to the skills ofIntroduction to advertising This course is designed fordesign, typography, and thetechniques, marketing concepts, students to apply fundamentalfundamentals needed of thecareers, industry requirements, skills of icing cakes in creatinggraphic artist. The course willand regulations specifically for special occasion cakes.provide selected experiencesstudents majoring in visual Emphasis is placed oninvolving design, simple design,technology programs. (3,2,2) developing skills in makingprinting processes, industry various flowers out of modelingspecifications, and industryCAT 2133 - Graphic Design chocolate, marzipan and gumproduction formats for massStudio paste. Students are introduceddistribution. (3,0,6) to covering and glazing special occasion cakes with rolledCAT 1123 - Graphic DesignCredit(s): 3 fondant and build their piping skills through intricate patternsand Production IIA concentrated study in graphic and techniques. (4,2,4)design specifically related to Credit(s): 3regional industry needs. BPT 2334 - Chocolates,Emphasis will be placed on Confections Sugar ArtistryA continuation of Graphic Designprojects according to industry and Production I withneeds. Prerequisite: CAT concentration on color printing,1113, CAT 1213. (3,1,4) Credit(s): 4industry terminology and standards, corporate identity,CAT 2223 - Basic This course is designed as aand branding with continuedPhotography production and history ofemphasis on design, chocolate and other confectiontypography, and balance. The techniques necessary to workcourse will utilize currentCredit(s): 3 with chocolate and sugar.computer techniques. Perquisite: Various candies are to be handCAT 1113. (3,0,6)An introduction to photography dipped or molded into form.with emphasis on the digital Sugar artistry to includeCAT 1143 - Typography 318"