b'This course is designed tolecture, assessment exercises,fundamentals of layout, cutting, provide the Apprentice with theand possible mock-up styleforming, and fabrication of foundation skills needed toexercises (field-trip/labs/hands- insulation used on various types understand roles andon) for performance checks.of piping systems, ventilation responsibilities of construction,Surface Preparation provides ansystems, and the hull of the supervision and managingoverview of steel surfacemarine vessel. (4,3,2) projects.(3,2,2)preparation, hand and power tool cleaning, nonmetallicMTA 1693 - Blueprint MTA 1643 - Productionabrasives, metallic abrasives,Reading for Sheet Metal Planning and Controlabrasive air blast cleaning, centrifugal blast cleaning, wet abrasive blast and pressurizedCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3water cleaning (Water jetting), the effects of soluble salts onThis course is an introduction to This course provides managerialprotective coatings, otherthe fundamentals of blueprints, information regarding materialmethods of surface preparation,reading, interpreting, and requirements, capacity planningsolvent and pre-cleaning,understanding blueprints. The and control techniques, masterdehumidification during coatingstudents will develop an production scheduling, andoperations. It also discussesunderstanding of the different techniques in costsurface preparation oftypes, sizes, and parts of various analysis.(3,2,2)nonferrous and other surfaces.drawings as they relate to the (3,2,2)sheet metal craft. (3,2,2) MTA 1654 - Inspection FundamentalsMTA 1673 - Spray PaintingMTA 1743 - Fundamentals of Drafting for Maritime Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 lnspection FundamentalsSpray Painting provides an provides an introduction tointroduction of the use of coatingFundamentals and principles of coating specific structures,systems for the protection ofdrafting to provide the basic inspection of coating operations,steel surfaces, how coatingbackground needed for all other government regulations affectingconcrete surfaces differs fromdrafting courses. (3,2,2) the coating industry,coating steel, describes powder programmed painting, qualitycoating materials, applicationMTA 2274 - Marine control for protective coatingsmethods, substrates, and curingPipefitting projects, and coating failures. Ittechniques. It continues with allows for apprentices to develophow metalizing is used to protect knowledge and skill to reinforcesteel from corrosion andCredit(s): 4 attitudes and behaviors fordescribes sealing and top preparing surfaces and applyingcoating to provide optimumInstructional methods include coatings to specific structures,corrosion protection. It covers alllecture, assessment exercises, standard industry inspectioncoating application methods andand possible lab(s) for methods used in coatingsadvantage and limitations ofperformance checks. Marine operations, governmenteach. It covers the types ofPipefitting will provide an regulations that impact theequipment typically used forintroduction to pipe & related coatings industry, aspects ofsuccessful maintenance paintingmaterials, types of pipe & pipe designed programmed paintingand finishes off with the differentfittings, pipe fabrication angle systems to provide for structuraltypes of industrial and lightcalculations, fundamentals of protection, quality controlindustrial/commercial paintfabrication, advanced pipe methods for good coatingshops, their methods offabrication, in-line specialties, performance and those coatingoperations, and their advantagesand special piping. (4,2,4) failures that may occur whenand limitations when compared quality control is lacking. (4,2,4)to on-site field painting.(3,2,2)MTA 2643 - Naval Architecture and Ship MTA 1663 - SurfaceMTA 1684 - Introduction toStructures for Maritime PreparationInsulation Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 4 This course provides in-depth Instructional methods includeThis course provides the 373'