b'4.An instructor is under no obligation to explain subjects which were discussed at a time when the auditing student is not in attendance. 5.Auditing student will adhere to policies (Catalog and Student Handbook) regarding conduct and discipline. 6.Attendance records are not maintained for students who complete an Audit Permit during registration.II.The following apply to students who change their status to audit during the first half of a semester:1.The student will take all regularly assigned tests and complete other assignments for the class(es) unless specifically excused from these by the instructor(s). 2.The student will adhere to the same attendance policies as for a regular class, with any exceptions being made by the instructor.Students may change their status from regular credit to audit, with the approval of the instructor(s) in the course(s) to be audited and completion and submission of this form.The deadline for changing to Audit status is the same as the deadline for withdrawing with a grade of "W". Scholastic Standards Minimum Scholastic Standards of Progress* Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College has established minimum scholastic standards for cumulative grade point average.All programs of study require a minimum 2.0 GPA for graduation.Institutional scholarship recipients may have different standards. Semester Hours Attempted - Grade Point Average (GPA) 161.0 7181.5 19301.75 31411.9 42 and above2.0 Scholastic Probation If a student fails to maintain a minimum grade point average, he or she is placed on academic probation. If the student does not remove the deficiency in the semester immediately following academic probation, the student is placed on academic suspension and becomes ineligible to re-enroll for a period of at least one regular semester (does not include the Summer Semester).Transfer students will adhere to the same standards for academic suspension. If the student re-enrolls after a period of academic suspension, he or she enters the college on a probationary status and has a period of one semester to remove the deficiency. (Students receiving financial aid should consult this publication for information about financial aid probation or suspension.) Scholastic Suspension Students who fail to meet the 2.0 term GPA at the end of their probationary semester will be suspended from the College. The student is prohibited from enrolling in classes for one semester following suspension and any pre-registered classes will be removed from the system. Upon returning, the student will be placed on probation for two semesters and must achieve a 2.0 term GPA the first semester and a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the end of the second semester to continue enrollment. Returning to Good Standing In order for a student to return to Good Standing after being placed on Scholastic Probation, the student must achieve a 2.0 term GPA the following term to be removed from probation (i.e. if the probation results from fall grades, the student must achieve a 2.0 GPA in the spring semester). 53'