b'Credit(s): 4BOT 1213 - ProfessionalThis course is designed to Developmentdevelop competency in A combined lecture andmathematics for business use. laboratory course that includesCredit(s): 3(3,3,0) detailed studies of the anatomy and physiology of human special This course emphasizes anBOT 1433 - Business senses, endocrine,awareness of interpersonal skillsAccounting cardiovascular, lymphatic andessential for job success. (3,3,0) immune, respiratory, digestive, and urinary systems, as well asCredit(s): 3 reproduction and development.BOT 1233 - Microsoft Labs associated with this courseWord IThis course is designed to contain experiments anddevelop an understanding of exercises that reinforce theanalyzing, recording, classifying, principles introduced in lectureCredit(s): 3and summarizing financial classes. Prerequisites: BIOinformation of a sole 2514. (4,3,2)This course focuses onproprietorship with insight into improving keyboardinginterpreting and reporting the techniques using the touchresulting effects upon the BIO 2924 - Microbiologymethod and on production ofbusiness. (3,3,0) (LEC/LAB)documents using Microsoft Word functions. Prerequisite: Instructor Approved. (3,2,2) BOT 1443 - Advanced Credit(s): 4 Business AccountingA combined lecture andlaboratory course providing aCredit(s): 3 comprehensive study of microbial agents to includeBOT 1243 - MicrosoftThis course is a continuation of taxonomy, metabolism,Word IIBusiness Accounting with physiology and genetics,emphasis in advanced concepts of pathogenesis andCredit(s): 3accounting topics.Prerequisite: immunity. Labs in this courseBOT 1433 (3,3,0) provide experiments thatThis course is a continuation of reinforce principles introduced inMicrosoft Word I and focusesBOT 1493 - Social Media the lecture to includeon production of documentsManagement fundamental laboratoryusing Microsoft Word. techniques in lab safety,Production with accuracy is microscopy, culturing andCredit(s): 3 identification of microbes, andstressed and practice is given effectiveness of antimicrobialthrough a variety of documentsThis course teaches students agents. Prerequisites: BIOfor skillbuilding. Prerequisite:how to develop and maintain a 1134 (4,3,2)Instructor Approved (3,2,2)social media presence in a personal and professional BOT 1273 - Introduction tocapacity. Students will engage in Business and OfficeMicrosoft Officecommunity and internet-based (BOT)projects with special emphasis Credit(s): 3on blogs, wikis, social BOT 1013 - Introduction tonetworking sites, photo-sharing sites, instant messaging, video-KeyboardingThis course will introduce ansharing sites, podcasts, widgets, operating system and wordvirtual worlds, and more. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3processing, spreadsheet, database management, and presentation softwareBOT 1513 - Machine This course provides anapplications using theTranscription introduction to keyboarding skillMicrosoft Office suite. (3,2,2) development using the touch system on the alphabeticCredit(s): 3 keyboard.Course emphasis willBOT 1313 - Applied Business be on speed and accuracy whenMathThis course is designed to teach keying documents and timedtranscription of a wide variety of writings.(3,2,2)Credit(s): 3business communications from machine dictation. (3,2,2) 315'