b'Credit(s): 3SUT 1735 - Clinical Practiceand the related circuits and IIIsystems used. (3,1,4) An in-depth study of the role of the surgical technologist andCredit(s): 5UMA 1213 - Introduction to review for the certificationSubmersible Robotics examination. The course examines liability, ethical andThis course includes clinical legal issues of practice, adaptingpractice and didactic instructionCredit(s): 3 critical thinking skills to a varietyin a clinical affiliate.Surgical of practice settings, effectivespecialty areas covered includeThis course is designed to team and professional behaviorsgeneral gynecology, obstetrics,introduce the student to and continuing education.genitourinary, ear, nose, andunmanned submersible robotics. Practice on computerthroat; eye; oral and maxillofacialTopics to be covered include simulations is required.surgery; orthopedics; plastics;robotics history, underwater Prerequisite: All 1st and 2ndneurosurgery; thoracic;robot configurations, operation, semester coursework.peripheral vascular andand basic programming and how Corequisites:SUT 1634, SUTcardiovascularthey relate to the unmanned 1724, SUT 1735 (3,3,0)surgery.Prerequisites:All 1stvehicle industry. (3,1,4) and 2nd semester coursework.Corequisites:SUT SUT 1714 - Clinical Practice I1634, SUT 1703, SUTUMA 1223 - Manipulator 1724 (5,0,15)Systems for Unmanned Credit(s): 4Vehicles Utility Lineman (ULT) This course includes clinicalCredit(s): 3 practice and didactic instruction in a clinical affiliate.SurgicalULT 1118 - Electric LinemanThis course is designed to specialty areas covered includeIintroduce the student to end general gynecology, obstetrics,effectors and manipulators used genitourinary, ear, nose, andCredit(s): 8in unmanned robotics. Topics to throat; eye; oral and maxillofacialbe covered include impactive, surgery; orthopedics; plastics;This course covers basicingressive, astrictive, and neurosurgery; thoracic;electricity, OSHA standards,cogtigutive end effectors and the peripheral vascular andCPR instruction, and basicunderwater configurations, cardiovascularcomputer technology. (8,4,8)operation, and how end effectors surgery.Prerequisites:SUTand manipulators are used in the 1113, SUTunmanned vehicle industry. 1217Corequisites:SUT 1413,ULT 1128 - Electric Lineman(3,1,4) SUT 1614, SUT 1624 (4,0,12)II UMA 1233 - Introduction to SUT 1724 - Clinical PracticeCredit(s): 8Power/Propulsion Systems IIfor Unmanned Vehicles Topics covered include transformer, electric codes, pole Credit(s): 4climbing and RUS specifications.Credit(s): 3 (8,4,8) This course includes clinicalThis introductory course will practice and didactic instructionintroduce the student to the in a clinical affiliate.SurgicalUnmanned Maritimeselection and evaluation and specialty areas covered includeSystems (UMA)operation of unmanned vehicle general gynecology, obstetrics,power and propulsion systems. genitourinary, ear, nose, and(3,1,4) throat; eye; oral and maxillofacialUMA 1113 - Navigation of surgery; orthopedics; plastics;Unmanned Vehicles neurosurgery; thoracic;UMA 1243 - Sensor Systems peripheral vascular andCredit(s): 3for Unmanned Vehicles cardiovascular surgery.Prerequisites:All 1stPrinciples and theoriesCredit(s): 3 and 2nd semesterassociated with the navigation of coursework.Corequisites:SUTunmanned vehicles. This courseA survey of topics in practical 1634, SUT 1703, SUTincludes the study of practicalsensing and communications. 1735 (4,0,12)navigation of unmanned vehiclesCharacterization of major 397'