b'semesters of core Physicaland testing equipment withcompetency and performance of Therapist Assistant course work.patient data evaluation andrespiratory care procedures. (3,3,0) recommendation based on(3,0,9)pulmonary function results Prerequisite: RCT 1313 -RCT 1611 - Respiratory Care Respiratory CareCardiopulmonary Anatomy andPharmacology I Physiology, or instructor Technology (RCT)approval. (2,1,2) Credit(s): 1 RCT 1213 - Respiratory CareRCT 1416 - Respiratory Care ScienceTechnology IThis course is designed to introduce the student to the pharmacology related to Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 6cardiopulmonary disorders. (1,1,0) This course is designed toThis course is a study of introduce the student respiratoryrespiratory treatments,RCT 2333 - Cardiopulmonary care therapist to fundamentalequipment design and operationPathology elements important to therelated to acute care delivery of health care in a safe,procedures. (6,4,4) efficient, and professionalCredit(s): 3 manner. (3,3,0)RCT 1424 - Respiratory Care Technology IIThis course is a study of RCT 1223 - Patientcardiopulmonary pathophysiology. It includes Assessment and PlanningCredit(s): 4etiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostics and treatment of Credit(s): 3This course is a continuation ofvarious cardiopulmonary Respiratory Care Technology I.diseases incorporating clinical This course is a fundamentalIt is a study of the managementpractice guidelines, and therapist approach to subjective andof respiratory failure, includingdriven protocols. Case studies objective evaluation,mechanical ventilation,and/or clinical simulations will be assessment, and care planpulmonary rehabilitation, andutilized to enforce learning and formation for the individualhome care. Prerequisite: RCTevaluate progress. (3,3,0) needs of the patient. It is an1416 - Respiratory Care introduction to cardiopulmonaryTechnology I. (4,3,2)RCT 2434 - Respiratory Care diseases including etiology,Technology III pathophysiology, complications,RCT 1516 - Clinical Practice I occurrences, clinical manifestations, treatment, andCredit(s): 4 prevention. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 6 This course is an advanced RCT 1313 - CardiopulmonaryPatient assessment,study of respiratory care in the performance of respiratory carecritical care setting. Topics Anatomy and Physiologyprocedures, and care planinclude non-conventional modes formation are practiced in theof mechanical ventilation, Credit(s): 3hospital environment. Ahemodynamics, special procedural guide is utilized toprocedures, and advanced This course is a study ofevaluate student competenciescardiac life support Prerequisite: cardiopulmonary anatomy andand performance of respiratoryClinical Practice II (RCT 1523). physiology in relation to thecare procedures.(6,0,18)(4,3,2) practice of respiratory care. (3,3,0)RCT 1523 - Clinical PracticeRCT 2533 - Clinical Practice IIIII RCT 1322 - Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 2This course is a continuation ofThis course is a continuation of Clinical Practice I. StudentsClinical Practice I and II. This course is an introduction torotate through variousStudents will rotate through pulmonary function techniquesrespiratory care subspecialtyvarious clinical areas for areas for evaluation of 391'