b'production, design, andemphasis on original work.care in general surgery, operation. (SPT 1241, 1251,(3,3,0)gynecology, obstetrics, and 2241, or 2251 is required).genitourinary. This course (3,3,0)Surgical Technologyprepares students for clinical experience.Prerequisites:SUT SPT 2233 - Theatre(SUT)1113, SUT Appreciation1217.Corequisites:SUT 1413, SUT 1113 - Fundamentals ofSUT 1624, SUT 1714 (4,4,0) Credit(s): 3Surgical Technology SUT 1624 - Specialized An introduction of the cultural,Credit(s): 3Surgical Procedures historical and social aspects of(Lecture) drama. Class content providesThis is a basic introductory an appreciation of theatre andcourse including hospital andCredit(s): 4 performance art to developsurgical suite organization and audience standards throughenvironment, history, legalThis course includes instruction demonstration of the uniqueresponsibilities, terminology,in regional anatomy, pathology, characteristics of theatre. A fineinterpersonal relationships, andinstrumentation, techniques, and arts elective. (3,3,0)biomedical sciences.safe patient care in surgical Corequisite: SUT 1217 (3,3,0)specialty areas of ear, nose and SPT 2241 - Dramathroat; eye; oral and maxillofacial Production IIISUT 1217 - Principles ofsurgery; orthopedics; and Surgical Techniqueplastics.This course prepares students for clinical experience Credit(s): 1in area hospital surgical suite Credit(s): 7and related Participation in college drama.departments.Prerequisites:SURequired for theatre majors.This course is a comprehensiveT 1113, SUT Drama Production. (1,1,0)study of aseptic technique, safe1217Corequisites:SUT 1413, patient care, anesthesia,SUT 1614, SUT 1714 (4,4,0) SPT 2251 - Dramapharmacology, and surgical Production IVtechniques. Corequisite: SUTSUT 1634 - Advanced 1113 (7,3,8) Surgical Procedures Credit(s): 1SUT 1413 - Surgical(Lecture)Participation in college drama.Microbiology Credit(s): 4 Required for theatre majors. (1,1,0)Credit(s): 3This course includes instruction in regional anatomy, pathology, SPT 2263 - DirectingThis is an introduction toinstrumentation, techniques, and pathogenic microorganismssafe patient care in surgical related to surgery and theirspecialty areas of neurosurgery, Credit(s): 3effect on wound healing andthoracic, peripheral vascular, infection. It includes principles ofcardiovascular surgery, The student will learn thesterilization and disinfection.employability skills, and all-fundamentals of directing suchPrerequisites: SUT 1113, SUThazards preparation.This as script analysis,1217. Corequisites:SUT 1614,course prepares the student for conceptualization, stagingSUT 1624, SUT 1714 (3,3,0)clinical experience in area scheduling and communication.hospital surgical suites and (3,3,0)SUT 1614 - Basic andrelated departments and a Related Surgical Procedurescomprehensive final SPT 2313 - Playwriting(Lecture)examination.Prerequisites:SUT 1113, SUT 1217, SUT 1413, Credit(s): 3SUT 1614, SUT 1624, SUT Credit(s): 41714Corequisites:SUT 1703,Practice in the fundamentals ofSUT 1724, SUT 1735 (4,4,0) This course includes instruction dramatic composition. Reading,in regional anatomy, pathology, discussion, and analysis ofinstrumentation, surgicalSUT 1703 - Certification and written work, as well as antechniques, and safe patientRole Trans 396'