b'sensors, capabilities, and datasubmersible robotic system ontothe student experience in rate requirements by application.an operational ROV platform.various welding applications with Description, analysis, andAdvanced topics to be covered:the GMAW process using selection considerations amongvision and video systems,various modes of transfer. major aspects of data links.sensor installation, inspectionPrerequisite: WLT 1225. (4,1,6) (3,1,4)and calibration, advanced operation programming forWLT 1135 - Gas Tungsten UMA 1253 - Electronicmission, verification ofArc Welding Drawings and Schematicscommunication and navigation systems. (3,1,4) Credit(s): 5 Credit(s): 3UMA 2133 - Unmanned Vehicles CapstoneThis course is designed to give This course introduces thethe student experience in student to an essential skill invarious welding applications the field of electronic/electricalCredit(s): 3using the GTAW process. equipment maintenance,Prerequisite: WLT 1143. (5,1,8) installation or modification: theA course designed to include ability to read and understandcomprehensive applications ofWLT 1143 - Flux Cored Arc electrical ladder drawings,maintenance andWelding schematics and diagrams. Thistroubleshooting of unmanned course covers several types ofsystems, to include a industrial control prints for ademonstration of knowledge,Credit(s): 3 variety of different motor-drivenskills, and abilities obtained. processes, with an emphasis on(3,1,4)This course is designed to give the differences between typethe student experience using and the purposes and flow ofUMA 2143 - AdvancedFCAW process. Prerequisite: each. Students will createPower/Propulsion SystemsWLT 1225. (3,1,4) schematic diagrams based on circuit descriptions and will learnWLT 1155 - Pipe Welding to interpret schematic drawingsCredit(s): 3 in order to provide verbal or written circuit descriptions.This advanced course willCredit(s): 5 (3,1,4)introduce the student to the installation, calibration, andThis course is designed to give troubleshooting of propulsionthe student experience in pipe UMA 2113 - ROV Pilotingsystems used in unmannedwelding procedures. maritime systems. (3,1,4)Prerequisite: WLT 1135. (5,1,8) Credit(s): 3 Welding TechnologyWLT 1162 - Gas Metal Arc This is an introduction course inAluminum Welding piloting underwater Remotely(WLT) Operated Vehicles (ROV). Students will have theCredit(s): 2 opportunity to launch, pilot,WLT 1115 - Shielded Metal navigate, and recover an actualArc Welding IThis course is designed to give ROV and will be trained on thethe student experience in Gas basic operations of smallCredit(s): 5Metal Aluminum Welding. observation class ROVs to thePrerequisite: WLT 1124. (2,1,2) large work class ROVs used inThis course is designed to teach deep ocean work. (3,1,4)students introductory weldingWLT 1173 - Introduction to techniques using the SMAWWelding and Safety UMA 2123 - Advancedprocess. Prerequisite: WLT Submersible Robotics1173. (5,1,8) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3WLT 1124 - Gas Metal ArcThis course is designed to give Weldingstudent an introduction to the This course is designed towelding profession and introduce the student toCredit(s): 4experience in safety procedures operation and system integrationrelated to welding. (3,2,2) of multiple unmannedThis course is designed to give 398'