b'Assistant Dean, LRC/Library DirectorVanessa Ritchie Laura Savage LibrarianShugana Williams Director of Admissions and RecordsMollie Barger Director of Financial AidHeather Dearman Director of Residence and Student LifeTrey Robertson Director of Enrollment ServicesPaula Rainey Coordinator of Student Activities, Recreation, and WellnessChristopher Upton Athletic DirectorSteven Campbell Sports Information and Media SpecialistDon Hammack Enrollment Specialist/Student Support CoordinatorShellye Smith Enrollment Specialist/Financial Aid RepCindy Watts Enrollment SpecialistSharon White Superintendent of Physical PlantHeath Warren George County Center Administrative DeanVacant Instructional CoordinatorWill Overstreet Enrollment SpecialistDawn Richardson Enrollment Specialist/Student Support CoordinatorShellye Smith Committees and Department Chairs College Executive Council Dr. Mary S. Graham, President; Dr. Jason Pugh, Dr. Phil Bonfanti, Dr. Jonathan Woodward, Dr. Suzi Brown, Dr. Ladd Taylor, Dr. Tammy Franks, and Dr. Cedric Bradley. Jackson County Campus Committees Administrative Committee: T. Franks, L. Rhodes, J. Ferguson, and M. Sekul Admissions Committee: M. Sekul, Chair; B. Lovorn, T. Franks, J. Moffett, D. Buie and T. Sasser (Admissions committees for School of Nursing and Health Professions are appointed annually by the appropriate deans.) Awards:M. Sekul, Chair; B. Martino; B. Lovorn; J. Miller; J. Poelma; S. Nero; J. Sanderson Conduct: J. Sanderson, Chair; A. Bradley; M. Hedman and two student leaders Employee Development Committee: M. Davis, Chair and faculty and staff members as appointed by the school chair or supervisor Hospitality Committee: Hospitality: J. Ferguson, Chair; M. Sekul, Co-Chair; J. Webb; A. Dillard; B. Martino; A. Ballard; M. Davis; N. Leathers; S. Young; T. Sasser Instructional Affairs: L. Rhodes, Chair; and school chairpersons 403'