b'Cost may be subject to change Prerequisite BIO 2514 - Anatomy and Physiology I (LEC/LAB) Credit(s): 4Fall Semester EMS 1133 - Foundations of Paramedicine Credit(s): 3EMS 1213 - Concepts of Airway and Respiratory Medicine Credit(s): 3EMS 2715 - Concepts of Traumatic Medicine Credit(s): 5BIO 2524 - Anatomy and Physiology II (LEC/LAB) Credit(s): 4* Spring Semester EMS 1325 - Concepts of Cardiovascular Medicine Credit(s): 5EMS 2912 - Concepts of EMS Operations Credit(s): 2EMS 1713 - Concepts of Neurological Medicine Credit(s): 3EMS 1514 - Practicum I Credit(s): 4ENG 1113 - English Composition I Credit(s): 3Advanced EMT Exit Certificate Summer Semester EMS 2211 - Fundamentals of Advanced EMT Practicum Credit(s): 1EMS 2312 - Fundamentals of Advanced EMT Lecture Credit(s): 2Summer Semester EMS 1913 - Concepts of Reproductive Medicine Credit(s): 3EMS 2314 - Medical Emergencies of the Secondary Assessment Credit(s): 4EMS 1525 - Practicum II Credit(s): 5Fine Arts/Humanities Elective Credit(s): 3 Fall Semester EMS 2934 - Paramedic Capstone Credit(s): 4EMS 2566 - Practicum III Credit(s): 6SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I Credit(s): 3Social / Behavioral Science Elective Credit(s): 3 Total Credits: 67 Note: *It is recommended that the BIO 2524 be taken prior to entry to the program. If not, it is taken as a co-requisite taken before the third semester of the program and completed with a grade of 2.0 or better in order to be eligible to sit for the National Registry examination for Paramedic. 220'