b"Higher Education Legislative Plan (HELP): Grant offered by the state of Mississippi through the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid for students who are residents of Mississippi with a 2.5 high school GPA and ACT score of 20 or above. Students must demonstrate financial need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) by March 31 of each year. Students may apply at Mississippi Office of Student Aid (www.msfinancialaid.org) after October 1 each year. Institutional Scholarships General Information A maximum of two Institutional Scholarships may be applied to a student's account each semester.Institutional Scholarships are applied after all applicable grant funds have been credited to the student's account.In the case of multiple Institutional Scholarships, a student should choose the two scholarships which benefit him/her the most. Refunds of Institutional Scholarships will only be awarded if the student's account balance reflects zero after all payments are applied. The amount of funds received from an Institutional scholarship is limited to tuition and/or book rental for commuter students and tuition, book rental, and/or room/board for residential students. Fees including, but not limited to, registration fees, technology fees, on-line class fees, Career-Technical program fees, excessive credit hour fees (any credit hours above 18 semester hours), etc., will not be included in the amount of Institutional scholarship funds awarded. Any fees applied to the account of a student who qualifies for a cash refund of Institutional Scholarships will be deducted from the student's cash refund prior to receiving the cash refund. Merit Scholarships Academic Excellence Scholarships: The college provides academic scholarship opportunities for full-time, first time to enter college students with qualifying ACT scores.To be eligible to receive an Academic Scholarship, students must be legal residents of Mississippi, meet all admission requirements and register for classes. Superscores will not be used to award Academic Excellence Scholarships. There is no application for this scholarship. The appropriate Academic Scholarship will automatically be awarded to the students account after meeting all criteria listed below and registering for 15 credit hours. Hours taken as a dual enrolled/dual credit high school student do not affect scholarship eligibility. The scholarship is renewable for up to four consecutive semesters, including summer. Criteria ACT Composite Score*29 and Above Valedictorian** or25-2821-2420 Salutatorian** Award Amount$1,750*** per semester$1,200 per$750 per$250 per semestersemestersemester MGCCC Grade Point3.53.232.5 Average*Superscores will not be used to award Academic Excellence Scholarships **Must show proof via official high school transcript ***Includes book voucher36"