b"will be performed in an on-the- MTA 1006 - Supervised Workregulations and tagging job training setting related to theExperienceprocedures. (3,2,2) apprentice's major field of study. This course is designed for theCredit(s): 6MTA 1143 - Blueprint on the job application of variousReading for Carpenter industrial and educational skills with the integration of theThis supervised work experience apprentice's technical studieswill be performed in an on-the- Credit(s): 3 and industrial experience. (1,0,2)job training setting related to the apprentice's major field of study.This course is a comprehensive This course is designed for theguide to interpreting drawings MTA 1003 - Supervised Workon the job application of variouscommonly found in the Experienceindustrial and educational skillsshipbuilding industry. The with the integration of thestudents will develop an Credit(s): 3apprentice's technical studiesunderstanding of the different and industrialtypes, sizes, and parts of various This supervised work experienceexperience.(6,1,10)drawings related to their trade. will be performed in an on-the- Abbreviations and symbols job training setting related to theMTA 1113 - Occupationalrelated to the shipbuilding apprentice's major field of study.Mathindustry along with a brief This course is designed for theintroduction of laying out, cutting, on the job application of variousCredit(s): 3shaping and fitting keel blocks; industrial and educational skillscorrect placements of vertical with the integration of theand incline ladders: hatch guard apprentice's technical studiesThis course provides anand lifeline placement and and industrial experience. (3,0,6)introduction to fundamentals ofinstallation on marine type general math, basic algebraicdrawings that will be provided. operations, plane geometry, andGeneral shipbuilding MTA 1004 - Supervised Workapplication of trigonometric Experiencefunctions.It also includesterminology, orientation, deck instruction in the principles oflevels, compartments, and shipboard equipment will be Credit(s): 4measurement and practice withintroduced. Successful the steel ruler.(3,2,2)completion of this course will This supervised work experiencegive the student a general will be performed in an on-the- MTA 1122 - Carpenter Shop Iknowledge of the drawings used job training setting related to thein the shipbuilding industry and apprentice's major field of study.Credit(s): 2enhance the student's This course is designed for theproductivity. (3,2,2) on the job application of variousThis course will provide the industrial and educational skillsstudent with the basic carpenterMTA 1153 - Introduction to with the integration of theskill sets using basic hand andShipbuilding and Blueprint apprentice's technical studiespower tools with practical and industrial experience. (4,0,8)Reading applications applied in the field and the carpenter shop, within a MTA 1005 - Supervised Workmarine environment. (2,1,2)Credit(s): 3 Experience This course emphasizes the MTA 1133 - Carpenter Shopessentials required to Credit(s): 5IIsuccessfully interpret blueprints and the techniques, views, This supervised work experienceCredit(s): 3layouts, dimensions and will be performed in an on-the- symbols used on blueprints for job training setting related to theThis course will provide thethe maritime industry.Additional apprentice's major field of study.student with intermediatefocus is on terminology, This course is designed for thecarpenter skill sets with practicalplanning, and processes of ship on the job application of variousapplications applied in the fieldconstruction, and the evolution industrial and educational skillswhile working to erectof ship design.(3,2,2) with the integration of thescaffolding and shoring/blocking, apprentice's technical studieswith a marine environment. InMTA 1163 - Advanced Pipe and industrial experience. (5,0,8)addition, the course explains Welding Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety 369"