b"NOTE: Placement intoCredit(s): 3mathematics courses is based on ACT or COMPASS testThis course is intended forMAT 1323 - Trigonometry scores and/or successfulstudents enrolled in career completion of identified hightechnical education programs.It school mathematics classes. includes a review of basicCredit(s): 3 mathematics and topics from MAT 0111 - Math Lab 1algebra, geometry, statistics,This course includes and trigonometry with antrigonometric functions and their emphasis on real-worldgraphs; trigonometric identities; Credit(s): 1applications andtrigonometric equations; radian measurement.Topics coveredmeasurement; solutions of right Opportunity to provideshould relate to the student'sand oblique triangles; inverse supplementalprogram area.(3,3,0)trigonometric functions; instruction/practice/support in aapplications. Prerequisite: Two structured lab environment. LabMAT 1233 - Intermediateyears of high school algebra and may accompany MAT 0123. Thisone year of geometry. lab is for institutional credit only.AlgebraCorequisite: MAT 1313. (3,3,0) (1,0,2) Credit(s): 3MAT 1343 - Pre-Calculus MAT 0121 - Math Lab 2 The topics include linear equations and their graphs;Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 1inequalities and number line graphs; rational expressions;A review of college algebra and Opportunity to providefactoring; laws of exponents;trigonometry in preparation for supplementalradicals; polynomials.Calculus I.Topics include instruction/practice/support in aPrerequisite: MAT 0123 or highfunctions; solving equations; structured lab environment.Labschool algebra I. (3,2,2)logarithmic and exponential may accompany MATfunctions; trigonometric 1233.This lab is for institutionalfunctions; solving trigonometric credit only. (1,0,2)MAT 1313 - College Algebraequations; graphing functions. (3,3,0) MAT 0123 - BeginningCredit(s): 3 AlgebraMAT 1513 - Business This course includesCalculus I inequalities; functions; linear and Credit(s): 3quadratic equations, circles, and their graphs; rational, radical,Credit(s): 3 A course in algebra to includeand higher-order equations; operations with real numbers,applications; polynomial andA study of functions, limits, linear equations, the coordinaterational functions; logarithmiccontinuity, derivatives, and their system, linear inequalitiesand exponential functions;applications to business and exponents, operations withsystems of equations.economics. Prerequisite: MAT polynomials, and factoring.Prerequisite: Successful1313. (3,3,0) Prerequisite: Basic Mathcompletion of MAT 1233 or ACT Competency. (3,2,2)Math 19 or higher or equivalentMAT 1613 - Calculus I ACCUPLACER score. (3,3,0) MAT 0131 - Math Lab 3Credit(s): 3 MAT 1314 - College Algebra Credit(s): 1This course includes the Credit(s): 4following topics: limits, Opportunity to providecontinuity, the definition of the instruction/practice/support in aThis course includesderivative; differentiation; structured lab environment. Labinequalities; functions; linear andapplications; anti-derivatives. may accompany MAT 1313 orquadratic equations, circles, andPrerequisites: Two years of High higher. This lab is for institutionaltheir graphs; rational, radical,School Algebra and credit only. (1,0,2)and higher-order equations;Trigonometry or MAT 1313 and applications; polynomial andMAT 1323 or MAT 1343. MAT MAT 1033 - Technicalrational functions; logarithmic1613 and MAT 1323 may be Mathematicsand exponential functions. (4, 3,taken during the same semester. 2) (3,3,0) 359"