b'information security in industry.This course identifies theThis course will explore image Students will understand thefoundation skills necessary incomposition and elements of principles and practice ofthe game design industry.visual design games, including computer system, DCS andContent such as safety, ethicalthe use of photo editing software physical security of industrialissues, video game history,for manipulation and infrastructure to include wirelesscareer opportunities, and theenhancement of images for use communication of instrumentssocial impact of gaming will bein visual design software. (4,3,2) used in instrumentation andcovered within the scope of the control. (3,2,2)course. Students will get anIMT 1513 - Introduction to 3D overview of the principles ofModeling IET 2433 - Installationanimation and demonstrate Practicesusage of animation software through completion of anCredit(s): 3 animation portfolio of original Credit(s): 3content. (4,3,2)In this course, students will learn to utilize 3D modeling software A course focusing on theIMT 1123 - Vector Illustrationto create polygon-based models principals and techniques forsuitable for use in game design interconnection of instrumentsand extended reality (XR) and equipment in industry.Credit(s): 3projects. (3,2,2) (3,1,4) In this course, students willIMT 1523 - Intermediate 3D IET 2453 - Troubleshootingunderstand and apply theModeling elements of visual design and and Calibration Principlesdemonstrate the use of illustration software. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 IMT 1213 - Game Theory andIn this course, students will learn A course focusing on theMechanicsabout materials, textures, principals and techniques forlighting, and rendering as it troubleshooting and calibrationrelates to developing assets for of various instruments used inCredit(s): 3use in gaming and extended process controls. (3,1,4) reality (XR) projects. (3,2,2)Students will learn the theory related to game design andIMT 1614 - Advanced 3-D IET 2513 - Capstone Classdevelopment, the applicationsModeling associated with game design and the elements and trends in Credit(s): 3game design. Students willCredit(s): 4 understand the "rules of play" A course designed to give aand apply design principles andIn this course, students will gain review of principals of operation,techniques in the creation ofan understanding of design connection, testing,user interfaces and 2D gameprinciples and techniques for use troubleshooting of controlassets. (3,3,0)in planning, designing, and elements, to include aproducing a game character with demonstration of knowledge,IMT 1313 - Video Gameanimation. (4,3,2) skills, and abilities obtained.Programming I (3,1,4) IMT 2113 - 3D Game Engine Credit(s): 3I Simulation and Game In this course, students willCredit(s): 3 Design Technologydevelop a basic understanding (IMT)of a programming language andIn this course, students will how it relates to the gamedevelop a basic understanding development process. (3,3,0)of a game engine and analyze IMT 1114 - Introduction tothe purpose, importance, and Animation and SimulationIMT 1414 - Graphic Editingstructure of game engines. Designfor GamesStudents will explore the associated programming Credit(s): 4language, create user interfaces Credit(s): 4(UI), and create game levels for351'