b"GDP/business cycles andactuators, accumulators, valves,operating system commands are economic growth, circular flow ofpumps, motors, coolers,covered. (3,2,2) market economies. (3,3,0)compression of air, control devices, and circuitEET 1713 - Drafting for ECO 2123 - Principles ofdiagrams.Emphasis is placedElectronics Technology Microeconomicson the development of control circuits and troubleshooting techniques.(4,3,2)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 EET 1214 - DigitalPreparation and interpretation of The study of firms, industriesElectronicsschematics, block diagrams, flow and consumers to include thecharts, and PCB prototyping. following topics: supply and(3,1,4) demand, elasticity of demandCredit(s): 4 and supply, consumer choiceEET 2334 - Linear Integrated theory, production and costNumber systems, logic circuits,Circuits theory and market structures.counters, registers, memory (3,3,0)devices, combination logic circuits, Boolean algebra, and aCredit(s): 4 Electronics (EET)basic computer system (4,3,2) Advanced semiconductor EET 1334 - Solid Statedevices and linear integrated EET 1114 - DC CircuitsDevices and Circuitscircuits. Emphasis is placed on linear integrated circuits used with operational amplifiers, Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 4active filters, voltage regulators, timers, and phase-locked loops. Principles and theoriesActive devices that include PNPrerequisite: EET 1334. (4,3,2) associated with DC circuits. Thisjunction diodes, bipolar course includes the study oftransistors, bipolar transistor electrical circuits, laws andEET 2354 - Solid State Motor formulae, and the use of testcircuits, and unipolar devicesControl with emphasis on low-frequency equipment to analyze DCapplication and troubleshooting. circuits. (4,2,4)Pre/corequisites: EET 1123,Credit(s): 4 EET 1114. (4,2,4) EET 1123 - AC CircuitsThe course covers the principles EET 1343 - Motor Controland operation of solid state Credit(s): 3Systemsmotor control as well as the design, installation, and Principles and theoriesmaintenance of different solid associated with AC circuits. ThisCredit(s): 3state devices for motor control. course includes the study of(4,2,4) electrical circuits, laws andThis course covers installation of formulae, and the use of testdifferent motor control circuitsEET 2363 - Programmable equipment to analyze ACand devices.Emphasis isLogic Controllers circuits. Principles and theoriesplaced on developing the associated with DC circuits. Thisstudent's ability to diagram, wire, course includes the study ofand troubleshoot the differentCredit(s): 3 electrical circuits, laws andcircuits and mechanical control formulae, and the use of testdevices. (3,2,2)This course covers the use of equipment to analyze DCprogrammable logic controllers circuits. Prerequisites: EETEET 1613 - Computer(PLCs) in modern industrial 1114. (3,2,2)Fundamentals forsettings as well as the operating principles of PLCs and practice Electronics/Electricityin the programming, installation, EET 1174 - Fluid Powerand maintenance of PLCs. Credit(s): 3(3,1,4) Credit(s): 4 Basic computer science as usedEET 2364 - Programmable This basic course providesin electricity/electronics areas.Logic Controllers instruction in hydraulics andComputer nomenclature, logic, pneumatics.The course coversnumbering systems, coding, and 333"