b"Credit(s): 1Woodwind instruction for musicgraduation purposes at MGCCC. education majors and advanced(2,0,4) Class voice is designed to teachnon-music majors with an the fundamental principles ofemphasis on woodwindMUO 1131 - Small singing, explore elementary toinstrumental playing. DesignedInstrument Ensemble I moderate levels of vocalto teach the fundamental literature and develop andprinciples of playing, explore improve the students vocalmoderate to advanced levels ofCredit(s): 1 ability in a group setting. (1,1,0)literature, develop the student's interest in playing, andDesigned to explore varied MUA 2721 - Class Voice IVstrengthen the student's playinglevels of literature and develop (Non-Major)ability. (2,1,0)the student's knowledge of performance technique in small MUA 2882 - Woodwinds forensembles and auxiliary Credit(s): 1Music Education Majors IVgroups. (1,1,0)Class voice is designed to teachMUO 1141 - Small the fundamental principles ofCredit(s): 2Instrument Ensemble II singing, explore elementary to moderate levels of vocalWoodwind instruction for music literature and develop andeducation majors and advancedCredit(s): 1 improve the students vocalnon-music majors with an ability in a group setting. (1,1,0)emphasis on woodwindDesigned to explore varied instrumental playing. Designedlevels of literature and develop MUA 2772 - Voice for Vocalto teach the fundamentalthe student's knowledge of Music Education Majors IIIprinciples of playing, exploreperformance technique in small moderate to advanced levels ofensembles and auxiliary groups. literature, develop the student's(1,1,0) Credit(s): 2interest in playing, and strengthen the student's playingMUO 1151 - Small Mixed Voice for vocal music majors isability. (2,1,0)Ensemble I designed to teach the fundamental principles ofMusic/OrganizationsCredit(s): 1 singing, explore varied vocal literature, and develop and(MUO) improve the student's singingDesigned to explore varied ability. (2,1,0) MUO 1112 - Band Ilevels of literature and developthe students knowledge of performance technique in smallCredit(s): 2ensembles and auxiliary groups. (1,1,0) MUA 2782 - Voice for VocalDesigned to teach the principles Music Education Majors IVof playing musical instruments,MUO 1152 - Small Mixed explore varied levels ofEnsemble I literature, and develop the Credit(s): 2student's knowledge of performance technique. MayCredit(s): 2 Voice for vocal music majors iscount for HPR credit for designed to teach thegraduation purposes at MGCCC.Designed to explore varied fundamental principles of(2,0,4)levels of literature and develop singing, explore varied vocalthe students knowledge of literature, and develop andMUO 1122 - Band IIperformance technique in small improve the student's singingensembles and auxiliary groups. ability. (2,1,0) (2,2,0)Credit(s): 2 MUO 1161 - Small Mixed MUA 2872 - Woodwinds forDesigned to teach the principlesEnsemble II of playing musical instruments, Music Education Majors IIIexplore varied levels of literature, and develop theCredit(s): 1 Credit(s): 2student's knowledge of performance technique. MayDesigned to explore varied count for HPR credit for 377"