b'Courses of InstructionThe following courses are offered at MGCCC. Courses are identified by name and number.Those numbered from 1001 to 1999 are considered freshman level courses, and those from 2001 to 2999 are sophomore level courses.The three numbers in parentheses after the description of each academic and technical course indicate the number of semester hours credit for the course, the number of lecture hours each week, and the number of laboratory or activity hours each week, respectively. Instructional hours are indicated for career and technical courses. Auto Collision Repairand non-structural analysis of (ABT)damaged vehicles. It is designedABT 1443 - Mechanical and to enable the student toElectrical Components I determine the conditions and ABT 1146 - Structuralseverity of the damage, the Analysis and Damage Repairrepair or replacement of parts,Credit(s): 3 Ithe estimated repair time, and correct use of referenceA course designed to provide manuals. (3,2,2)theory and practice in the areas Credit(s): 6of restraint systems, cooling systems, and air A course to provide skills andABT 1236 - Non-Structuralconditioning/heating systems. An practice in welding and cuttingAnalysis and Damage Repairintroduction to small business procedures that are used in theIImanagement techniques as collision repair industry. Thisapplied to the collision repair course also covers the completeCredit(s): 6shop.Includes computerized inspection and non-structuralinformation and record systems. analysis of damaged vehicles. ItThis course is a continuation ofAlso included are financial is designed to enable theNon-Structural Analysis andresponsibilities, shop layout, student to determine theDamage Repair I. This courseinventory, and employee-conditions and severity of theprovides instruction foremployer relations. (3,3,0) damage, the repair orpreparation principles and replacement of parts, thepractices. This course providesABT 1453 - Mechanical and estimated repair time, andinstruction for outer body panel correct use of referenceElectrical Components II repair, replacement, and manuals. (6,3,6)adjustment principles and practices. (6,3,6)Credit(s): 3 ABT 1153 - Structural Analysis and Damage RepairABT 1313 - Refinishing IA course designed to provide IItheory and practice in the areas of brakes and electrical. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3ABT 2163 - Structural A course to provide skills andAnalysis and Damage Repair This course is a continuation ofpractices in vehicle preparation, Structural Analysis and Damagecleaning, sanding, metalIII Repair I. This course providestreatment, and masking. instruction and practice inIncluded is determiningCredit(s): 3 unibody inspection,imperfections in paint jobs. measurement, and repair. (3,2,2)Emphasis is placed uponThis course is a continuation of personal safety andStructural Analysis and Damage ABT 1223 - Non-Structuralenvironmental concerns. (3,1,4)Repair II. This course provides Analysis and Damage Repairinstruction and practice in IABT 1323 - Refinishing IIunibody inspection, measurement, and repair. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3ABT 2243 - Non-StructuralA course in the procedures andContinuation of Refinishing I.Analysis and Damage Repair practices for metal finishing andIncluded are types of paintIII body filling. This course alsodefects and paint gun application covers the complete inspectionand maintenance procedures. (3,1,4) 306'