b'This course is the study ofIncluded are techniques used inCredit(s): 4 human biochemistry as an aid indetermining the sensitivity of the diagnosis of diseasepathogenic bacteria to differentThis course includes clinical processes. It includes chemistryantibiotic and other drugs.practice and didactic instruction procedures performed on bodyPrerequisites: MLT 1314, MLTin a clinical affiliate and/or fluids or aiding in diagnosis of1413;BIO 2924. (4,2,4)comparable simulated disease processes.environment. Areas covered are Prerequisites:MLT 1413. (4,3,2)MLT 2711 - MLT Seminarhematology, clinical chemistry, immunohematology, urinalysis, MLT 2424 -microbiology, coagulation, and Credit(s): 1serology. Prerequisites:MLT Immunohematology1324, MLT 2424, MLT 2614. This course represents a(4,0,12) Credit(s): 4synthesis of previous didactic, laboratory, and clinicalMLT 2964 - Clinical This course includes collection,experiences. It is designed to processing, storage, andfacilitate activities incorporatedPracticum III utilization of blood components.in student and professional It also includes the study oforganizations and to allowCredit(s): 4 immunological principles andstudents to select and present a procedures for blood typing,case study. Prerequisites:This course includes clinical cross matching, antibodyCompletion of all didacticpractice and didactic instruction detection, identification, andMedical Laboratory Technologyin a clinical affiliate and/or investigation of hemolyticcourses. (1,0,2)comparable simulated disease of the fetus andenvironment. Areas covered are newborn. Prerequisites: MLTMLT 2723 - Certificationhematology, clinical chemistry, 1314, MLT 1413(4,2,4)Fundamentals for Medicalimmunohematology, urinalysis, Laboratory Technologymicrobiology, coagulation, and MLT 2522 - Pathogenicserology. Prerequisites:MLT Microbiology I1324, MLT 2424, MLT 2614. Credit(s): 3(4,0,12)Credit(s): 2This course is an in-depth studyMLT 2974 - Clinical and review of material coveredPracticum IV Basic skills, principles, andin the MLT curriculum.It is techniques for the staining,designed to prepare the student culturing, isolation, andfor the national certifyingCredit(s): 4 identification of parasites,exams.(3,3,0) viruses, and fungi of medicalThis course includes clinical importance are emphasized inMLT 2944 - Clinicalpractice and didactic instruction this course.This course coversPracticum Iin a clinical affiliate and/or the morphology, physiology lifecomparable simulated cycles, and epidemiology ofenvironment. Areas covered are parasites with emphasis onCredit(s): 4hematology, clinical chemistry, human pathogenicimmunohematology, urinalysis, parasites.Identification of theThis course includes clinicalmicrobiology, coagulation, and parasites, viruses, and fungipractice and didactic instructionserology. Prerequisites:MLT from human material is alsoin a clinical affiliate and/or1324, MLT 2424, MLT 2614. included.(2,1,2)comparable simulated(4,0,12) environment. Areas covered are MLT 2614 - Pathogenichematology, clinical chemistry,Business and Microbiology IIimmunohematology, urinalysis, microbiology, coagulation, andMarketing serology. Prerequisites:MLTManagement (MMT) Credit(s): 41324, MLT 2424, MLT 2614. (4,0,12) Basic skills, principles, andMMT 1113 - Principles of techniques for the staining,MLT 2954 - ClinicalMarketing culturing, isolation, andPracticum II identification of micro-organismsCredit(s): 3 of medical importance are emphasized in this course.Study of principles and problems 365'