b'provides intermediate practiceThis application coursepreparation to the student for the skills used with patients/clientssynthesizes previous didactictransitional process of becoming across the lifespan and withinstruction and clinicalan Occupational Therapy various diagnoses. Prerequisite:experiences obtained inPractitioner. Prerequisite: Instructor Approved. (3,2,2) Fieldwork I. In Level IIA, theInstructor Approved. (1,1,0) student may encounter a varietyof populations in a traditional or OTA 2714 - Concepts innon-traditional based setting.Philosophy and Occupational TherapyThe student will assume increasing responsibilities underReligion (PHI) supervision as appropriate for Credit(s): 4the setting. Prerequisite:PHI 1113 - Old Testament Instructor Approved. (6,0,0,18)Survey This manipulative course studies occupational therapy treatmentOTA 2956 - Fieldwork II:B techniques for a variety ofCredit(s): 3 diagnoses while incorporating theoretical concepts.Credit(s): 6The student will survey the Old Prerequisite: InstructorTestament (Hebrew Bible) with Approved. (4,3,2) This application courseregard to its worth as a literarysynthesizes previous didacticwork, along with significant instruction and experiencesdates, themes, concepts andobtained in Fieldwork IIA. Incontributions of its characters to Fieldwork IIB, the student maythat history and literature. (3,3,0) OTA 2812 - Healthcarealso encounter a variety of Systemspopulations in a traditional orPHI 1133 - New Testament non-traditional setting. The student will be placed in aSurvey Credit(s): 2setting different from Fieldwork IIA. Student will assumeCredit(s): 3 This intake course is designed toincreasing responsibilities under examine the context of servicesupervision as appropriate forA study of the New Testament delivery for occupationalthe setting. Prerequisite:covering the life of Jesus of therapy. Various models ofInstructor Approved. (6,0,0,18) Nazareth and the establishment health care, education, of the early church as presented community, and social systemsin the Gospels, Acts, and other will be examined. Prerequisite:OTA 2961 - OccupationalNew Testament books. (3,3,0) Instructor Approved. (2,2,0) Therapy Transitions IPHI 2113 - Introduction to Credit(s): 1Philosophy I OTA 2935 - Fieldwork I:B This course provides informationCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 5and guidance to the student for his or her transitional process ofAn introduction to the major This application course isbecoming an Occupationalthemes and history of the designed to provide the studentTherapy Practitioner. Thisdiscipline of Philosophy with an with an opportunity to apply hiscourse will encompass a varietyemphasis on the development of or her knowledge in clinicalof professional skills andcritical thinking skills. (3,3,0) fieldwork. The student will alsoconcepts. In addition, vital life begin to develop professionalskills will be discussed.PHI 2113H - Honors work habits. Students arePrerequisite: Instructor expected to function asApproved. (1,1,0) Introduction to Philosophy participant observers in theclinical setting. Prerequisite:Credit(s): 3 Instructor Approved. (5,1,0,12) OTA 2971 - OccupationalTherapy Transitions IIAn introduction to the major themes and history of the OTA 2946 - Fieldwork II:Adiscipline of Philosophy with an Credit(s): 1emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills. (Open Credit(s): 6This course provides finalthrough invitation only.) (3,3,0)384'