b"Learning Resources: M. Davis, Chair; LRC personnel, one representative from each school to be designated by the school chair Student Activities: Presidents of the Student Government, SkillsUSA, and PTK, Treasurer of Student Government, M. Sekul; B. Martino Student Publications: B. Martino, Editor of Student Yearbook. School Chairpersons Business, Law, Hospitality, and CulinaryAmy Chataginer Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, & ITAngela Sims Human Sciences and EducationDavid Hilton Language ArtsDr. Jordan Sanderson Manufacturing, Maritime, and TransportationJohn Poelma Science and KinesiologyKimberly (Rusty) Brown Visual and Performing ArtsDr. Brad Bailey Honors CollegeJohn Miller Vice President's Committee Emma MillerElected2019-2022 Kim SellersElected2019-2022 Robin FullerElected2019-2022 Michael CarleyAppointed2019-2022 Barbara LeeAppointed2019-2022 Amanda MageeAppointed2019-2022 Brandi TisburyAppointed2019-2022 Angela BradleyAppointed2019-2022 Nate MetzgerAppointed2019-2022 Antonio FelderAppointed2019-2022 Harrison County Campus Committees Administrative Committee: C. Bradley, Chair; L. Bradley; B. King; E. Riggins; M. Webb Admissions: C. Bagwell, Chair; D. Buckley; E. Riggins;M. Webb Conduct: D. Baker, Chair; J. Alston, Recorder; C. Bagwell; S. Bosarge; D. Buckley; A. Clark; A. Johns; S. Napier; D. Simpson; Two Student Representatives Reception and Courtesy: B. Glass, Chair; L. Cruthirds; D. Easterling; D. Flowers; M. Joyce; B. Williams Food Service: B. King, Chair; S. DeLozier; I. Farley; B. Williams; President of the Student Government Graduation: M. Webb, Chair; J. Doughty; M. Joyce; E. Riggins Guidance: D. Buckley, Chair; E. Riggins; R. Warfield; B. Williams 404"