b'Career TechnicalCUT 1124 - CulinaryCredit(s): 3 Education (CTE)Principles II This course provides information Credit(s): 4on a study of nutrients as related CTE 1113 - Occupationalto personal health, foods and Mathfood preparation, recipe or menu This course offers advancedmodification for special customer study and application of Culinaryneeds, and merchandising Credit(s): 3Principles I to polish and perfecttechniques associated with the techniques of foodnutritious meals.(3,1,4) This course is designed forpreparation and cookery apprentices to improve theiremphasizing high standards for basic math skills to increasefood preparation. Prerequisite:CUT 2223 - Menu Planning probability of success while inHRT 1114 (4,2,4) the Apprenticeship Program.Credit(s): 3 Topics covered include generalCUT 1135 - Principles of math fundamentals,BakingThis course focuses on the measurement principles,principles and concepts of menu algebraic fundamentals,planning, menu formats, and fundamentals of plane geometry,Credit(s): 5layout with regard to a wide and application of trigonometricvariety of eating habits and taste functions. (3,1,3)This course focuses onof the dining public. Emphasis fundamentals of baking science,will be on pricing, menu design, CTE 1143 - Fundamentals ofterminology, ingredients, weightsmerchandising, tools, nutritional Construction andand measures, and formulaconsiderations, schedules, and conversion and storage.profitability. (3,3,0) ManufacturingStudents will prepare yeast goods, pies, cakes, cookies, and Credit(s): 3quick breads and use and careCUT 2243 - Dining Room for equipment. Prerequisite: HRTManagement This course includes basic1114 (5,3,4) safety, an introduction toCredit(s): 3 construction math, anCUT 1153 - Introduction to introduction to hand and powerCulinary ArtsThis course focuses on tools, an introduction tomanagement of a restaurant construction drawings,dining room including good employability skills andCredit(s): 3housekeeping technique, fine communications. (Approximatelyfood, and efficient service. It 72.5 clock hours should beThis course is designed as ancovers French, Russian, allotted in this course to satisfyintroduction to the culinary artsAmerican, and English waited requirements to test for NCCERindustry. The course includestable service, limited service, Core certification.Instructors fordiscussions and industrycounter, tray, service, and this course must be certified asobservations to discover thecatering. Emphasis will be an NCCER Instructor.) (3,2,2)opportunities, trends, problems,placed on staffing, scheduling, and organizations in the field.controls and skills required to Culinary Arts (CUT)(3,3,0)effectively supervise a dining room operation. (3,2,2) CUT 1513 - Garde Manger CUT 1114 - CulinaryCUT 2314 - American Principles ICredit(s): 3Regional CuisineCredit(s): 4This course provides orientationCredit(s): 4 to garnishing, preparation of Fundamentals of foodcharcuterue items, cold foods,This exploration of the American preparation and cookeryand buffet presentation. ItCuisine concept emphasizes emphasizing high standards forexplores the various duties offreshness, seasonality, nutrition, preparation of meat, poultry,the modern garde manger.indigenous ingredients, and seafood, vegetables, soups,Prerequisite: HRT 1114 (3,1,4)presentation. It is a thorough stocks, and farinaceous items.study into the cuisine (4,2,4)CUT 1613 - Nutritioncharacteristics and traditions of 328'