b"playing and strengthen theMUA 2282 - Guitar for MusicMUA 2522 - Class Piano for student's playing ability. (2,1,0)Education Majors IVMusic Majors IV MUA 2211 - Class Guitar IIICredit(s): 2Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 1Guitar for music educationClass piano instruction for music majors with guitar as their areamajors with no previous piano Instruction for beginning guitarof emphasis. Introduction totraining. This curriculum is player's that includes basicguitar technique, repertoire, anddesigned to prepare students for accompanying styles and anperformance of standardtheir piano proficiency introduction to classical guitarliterature. (2,1,0)examination upon transfer to technique. (1,1,0)university. (2,2,0) MUA 2472 - Percussion for MUA 2212 - Class Guitar IIIMusic Education Majors IIIMUA 2571 - Piano for Non-(Major)Keyboard Music Major III Credit(s): 2 Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 1 Percussion instruction for music Instruction for beginning guitarmajors and advanced non-musicIndividual piano instruction for players that includes basicmajors with an emphasis onnon-keyboard music majors. accompanying styles and anpercussion instrumental playing.(1,1/2,0) introduction to classical guitarDesigned to teach the technique. (2,2,0)fundamental principles ofMUA 2572 - Piano for playing, explore moderate toKeyboard Majors (Music advanced levels of literature and MUA 2221 - Class Guitar IVdevelop the student's interest inEducation) III playing. (2,1,0) Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 2 MUA 2482 - Percussion for Instruction for beginning guitarMusic Education Majors IVIndividual piano instruction players that includes basicincluding technique, appropriate accompanying styles and anrepertoire, and memorization. introduction to classical guitarCredit(s): 2(2,1,0) technique. (1,1,0) Percussion instruction for musicMUA 2581 - Piano for Non MUA 2222 - Class Guitar IVmajors and non-music majorsKeyboard Music Majors IV with an emphasis on percussion (Major)instrumental playing. Designed to teach the fundamentalCredit(s): 1 Credit(s): 2principles of playing, explore moderate to advanced levels ofIndividual piano instruction for Instruction for beginning guitarliterature and develop thenon-keyboard music majors. players that includes basicstudent's interest in playing.(1,1/2,0) accompanying styles and an(2,1,0) introduction to classical guitarMUA 2582 - Piano for technique. (2,2,0)MUA 2512 - Class Piano forKeyboard Majors (Music Music Majors IIIEducation) IV MUA 2272 - Guitar for Music Education Majors IIICredit(s): 2Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 2Class piano instruction for musicIndividual piano instruction majors with no previous pianoincluding technique, appropriate Guitar for music educationtraining. This curriculum isrepertoire, and memorization. majors with guitar as their areadesigned to prepare students for(2,1,0) of emphasis. Introduction totheir piano proficiency guitar technique, repertoire, andexamination upon transfer toMUA 2711 - Class Voice III performance of standarduniversity. (2,2,0) literature. (2,1,0)(Non-Major) 376"